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socialism achieved by voluntary sacrifice

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I'll confess that I've long held the view that 'utopian socialism' merely served as a foil for Marx and Engels, and that throughout their writings, especially in such texts as the Manifesto and Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, they mostly disparaged and set themselves apart from anything related to the utopian socialists.
The Icarians schismed, in typical 19th-century utopian socialist fashion, and eventually their state charter was revoked, long after the community was no longer a thriving entity.
Geoghegan reinforces our sense of Marx's familiarity with the "utopian socialists" and wishes to point out the watermark of their work in the later writings of Engels and Marx--the idea of the "withering away" of the state, in the wake of the proletarian revolution, derives from the utopian socialists.
For instance, his 2003 tour de force Happiness (finally) after 35,000 Years of Civilization, an 18-minute digital projection on a handmade paper screen, brought to life outsider artist Henry Darger's drawings by setting them on the ideas of nineteenth-century French utopian socialist philosopher Charles Fourier.
While many of the early songs express Biermann's longing for a utopian socialist community, his later songs--especially since the 1990s--increasingly explore his own, partly Jewish family history.
The Thames-side village of Kelmscott has been transformed by its association with William Morris, a 19th-century novelist, conservationist, utopian socialist, and father of the Arts and Crafts tradition.
Hart not only shows the importance of this genre in nineteenth-century women's writing, she also demonstrates that dialogue with utopian socialist theories created surprising sub-groupings of women's writing outside of the boundaries of conventionally defined literary movements.
Religious communities, such as Shaker villages, were scattered throughout the northeast and Pennsylvania, but only one previous attempt--British industrialist Robert Owen's "New Harmony" in Indiana--had been made to establish a utopian socialist community, or phalanx, and it survived only two years past its conception in 1825.
Ute Engel, discussing Pevsner's background in German art history in the early 1930s, traces the roots of his admiration for the higher collective aim ('eliminating the shoddy' as he put it) back to the utopian socialist pantheon in which William Morris and the Bauhaus were enthroned, to be celebrated in his Pioneers of Modern Design the arguments of which were already in embryonic form as early as 1931.
Yet as Chan noted, the entire enterprise is inspired by the ideas of Charles Fourier, the turn-of-the-nineteenth-century utopian socialist who, with Blake and the influential feminist author Kathy Acker, make up what he described as the project's trinity of "patron saints.
They were led by the utopian socialist and labor activist William Lane, (1) who at one time supported the revolutionary overthrow of all governments.
American businessman King Camp Gillette was a Utopian socialist who disapproved of waste - but he still invented disposable razor blades.
Mill was a utopian socialist, critical in particular of the morally debilitating class structure of the economic world in Britain in the nineteenth century.
Born in Los Angeles to Russian immigrant parents and raised in a utopian socialist colony in the Mojave desert, Lewitzky began studying modern dance in Los Angeles with Lester Horton, later becoming his leading dancer and collaborator and a master teacher of his technique.
These supposed Republicans are backing yet another utopian socialist plan: this time for socialized health care for ``children.