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Synonyms for Utopian

Synonyms for Utopian

showing a tendency to envision things in perfect but unrealistic form

a person inclined to be imaginative or idealistic but impractical

Words related to Utopian

an idealistic (but usually impractical) social reformer

characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection

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Not all utopian visions have idealised collective action and common goods however.
The Last Utopian is being staged on September 2-3, starting at 3pm and lasting around three hours.
Jennings's introduction brilliantly captures the mood of the troublesome early nineteenth century in Europe and compassionately recognizes the utopian impulse for this so-called New World: "The idea of a New World utopia was born in the fever dream of religious revelation and the waking nightmare of early industrialization," Jennings writes (7).
Clearly, the changing form of the dialogue and its turn in the direction of conversation and instruction was a European phenomenon in utopian literature, not simply an English one.
Utopian Academy, a state-approved charter school in Riverdale, is exercising its lease option to buy the property at 6630 Camp St.
The allusion is part of the utopian political and narrative tradition, found, for example, in late nineteenth-century British utopian narratives such as William Morris's 1890 News from Nowhere.
Rather, I invoke The Promise because its articulation of the stories we tell to justify to ourselves our appropriations of the lands of others is so pithy and so acute, and so resonant with the Utopian passage with which I have opened this essay.
Houston contends that Tudor dialogues added to the English utopian mode of discourse in the sixteenth century.
In the middle section of the book, he discusses theoretical writings on utopianism, siding with Ernst Bloch's broad view that the utopian outlook embraces all forms of hopeful thinking about better ways of life, without a detailed working model of the ideal society necessarily being required.
The theoretical premise of the book is the identification of the tension between the notions of utopia and terror: the intrinsic dystopian seed at the core of every utopian outlook, the risk of the quest for freedom turning into coercion, and of any utopian project turning into terror when realized or completed.
Utopian Eternity describes the thrilling and unforgettable journey of Prince Nikko, Prince Migalon, Raulis, and their families in attempting to achieve immortality.
Geoghegan importantly explodes and widens the term utopian in order to recognize conservative or even Fascist utopianism: not to endorse them, of course, but to caution us that "conservatives utopianise the present" (19).
Partial contents: "Gender and Utopian Visions in a Post-Utopian Era: Americanism, Human Rights, Market Fundamentalism," by Mary Nolan; "'The Psychological Marshall Plan: Displacement, Gender, and Human Rights after World War II," by Tara Zahra; "Utopian Visions of Family Life in the Stalin-Era Soviet Union," by Lauren Kaminsky; "European Desires and National Bedrooms?
Howard Brenton's utopian play Greenland has received little scholarly attention and has been belittled and even scorned by a number of theater critics.
Cambridge University Press's latest contribution to the field of utopian studies, The Cambridge Companion to Utopian Literature, offers readers new to utopian studies a detailed overview of the basic terminology and concepts surrounding the field in the "history" section of the book.