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Synonyms for Utopian

Synonyms for Utopian

showing a tendency to envision things in perfect but unrealistic form

a person inclined to be imaginative or idealistic but impractical

Words related to Utopian

an idealistic (but usually impractical) social reformer

characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection

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Nevertheless Rand, like many other utopian artists, have had a profound influence on political leaders and hence on the rest of us.
Harrison Ford in Blade Runner, one of the inspirations for The Last Utopian
As the story arrives on American soil, Jennings launches into a simultaneously exciting and devastating tale of longing, apocalyptic urgency, intellectual and cultural critique, idyllic attainments, controversy, and ultimately, the inevitable demise of nineteenth-century utopian movements.
In Salomon's House on the island of Bensalem, which is often read as the first blueprint for a research university, the role of conversation in scientific discovery and the way in which flawed conversation may inhibit the refining and sharing of knowledge and undermine the publicizing of Bensalem means that conversation must be carefully organized and controlled, an important concept in the institutionalization of the production of knowledge with obvious consequences for the role of dialogue in utopian works.
The board allowed Utopian Academy to seek an appraisal to counter its asking price of $1.
David Pinder writes about the street as a utopian space in modernism, discussing such themes as the critique of Corbusier's verticality by the Situationists, the Situationists' notion of derive, and the politics of street protest.
2) "A metre of four verses in the Utopian tongue, briefly touching as well the strange beginning, as also the happy and wealthy continuance of the same commonwealth," was in a later edition "rudely Englished" by the translator, "according to his simple knowledge and mean understanding in the Utopian tongue"; "in English" the poem reads:
Francis Bacon s New Atlantis represented a change in the use of the utopian mode of dialogue.
However, as Newman convincingly argues throughout the chapter, most of the stories in the volume work as cautionary tales against the dangers of a realized utopian impulse and invite us "to aim for imperfection, counter order and a perception of our own comic foolishness" (36).
Geoghegan reinforces our sense of Marx's familiarity with the "utopian socialists" and wishes to point out the watermark of their work in the later writings of Engels and Marx--the idea of the "withering away" of the state, in the wake of the proletarian revolution, derives from the utopian socialists.
Partial contents: "Gender and Utopian Visions in a Post-Utopian Era: Americanism, Human Rights, Market Fundamentalism," by Mary Nolan; "'The Psychological Marshall Plan: Displacement, Gender, and Human Rights after World War II," by Tara Zahra; "Utopian Visions of Family Life in the Stalin-Era Soviet Union," by Lauren Kaminsky; "European Desires and National Bedrooms?
Howard Brenton's utopian play Greenland has received little scholarly attention and has been belittled and even scorned by a number of theater critics.
Cambridge University Press's latest contribution to the field of utopian studies, The Cambridge Companion to Utopian Literature, offers readers new to utopian studies a detailed overview of the basic terminology and concepts surrounding the field in the "history" section of the book.
Although volumes four and five are already in print, The Concept of Utopia by renowned utopian scholar and sociologist Ruth Levitas is volume three in what will be at least a seven-book series produced by the Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies at the University of Limerick.
She argues that utopia relates to education as both assume a perfectibility of humanity, and reworks the ideas of utopian thought, dystopian reality, and anti-utopian dominance by addressing the anti-utopian arguments that have reduced the importance of utopia and dystopia as theoretical tools.