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Synonyms for utensil

Synonyms for utensil

a device used to do work or perform a task

Words related to utensil

an implement for practical use (especially in a household)

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The utensils drew back and allowed them to pass without protest, although Captain Dipp marched the Spoon Brigade in close order after them until they had reached the edge of the clearing.
RCB spokesman Qaisar Mehmood said the food branch officials found unhygienic conditions in the kitchens, utensils and freezers of Pakeeza Hotel and Lajpal Hotel in Saddar, Gulistan Hotel and Amin Hotel on Railway Road.
The Hole in One Fork and Spoon is a set of eating utensils designed for people with limited hand mobility to use.
Complete the assorted MasterChef cooking equipment through the ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets' reward scheme with confectionery pans and utensils
The Seychelles has amended its Environmental Law to prohibit polystyrene boxes, plastic bags and utensils, as well as requiring biodegradable forms of these products to conform to prescribed standards.
If at least half those meals involved single-use utensils, that would mean we're tossing out billions of utensils each year.
FPG Kitchen is a designer of innovative kitchen brand solutions including prep tools, utensils, baking accessories, and premium bakeware for the home and professional cook.
LAHORE -- Historic Kasera Bazaar at Rang Mehal Lahore, a wholesale utensils market is losing trend of selling brass, copper and other such kitchen wares.
I love the idea of using kitchen utensils to tell the time - not only does it look fabulous, you can now shout up at your kids that if they aren't downstairs by the time the fork gets to the spoon, you're leaving without them.
AN elderly woman and her carer escaped a house blaze unharmed after cooking utensils caught fire.
Still offering beautiful handcrafted wooden utensils made of rock maple, kitchen utensils that will enhance any kitchen, Imagine Wood is proud to present an updated website, designed for your needs.
The Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Finance & Prices in Cuba has approved the entry into force of the trade agreement signed in March, in which tariff preferences of different grades are established on products such as food, construction materials, accessories and utensils.
A majority of the juice vendors do not observe any safety standards while washing their utensils in which they serve juices to their customers.
On the "fast eating" day, the participants were told to eat their lunch as quickly as possible without feeling uncomfortable, to take large bites and chew quickly, and to not pause or put their utensils down between bites.
Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, will use funds collected from its recycling program to purchase a limited supply of 100 percent biodegradable, wheat-fiber-based take-out containers and corn-starch-based utensils for use in the consulate's cafeteria.