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a native or resident of Utah

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Two-thirds of Utahans are Mormon, whose adherence requires abstinence from alcohol, coffee, and tobacco.
While only 27 percent of Nevadans used the Internet in 1998, compared with 41 percent of their neighbors in Utah, the gap between the two states has narrowed significantly in recent years, as an estimated 78 percent of Nevadans and 81 percent of Utahans used the Internet in 2015.
The News is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and Utahans remain concerned about the influence of the church over local media.
In asking Utahans to get behind Cruz, Romney passed over Ohio Gov.
One reason this incongruity might exist is that Utah has a relatively low cost of living, so higher housing prices there are offset by lower prices on other things Utahans need to buy.
We are pleased to join forces with Career Step to help Utahans gain the skills they need for professional success.
Instead, the Utah House on March 6 passed Utah Cares, an expansion plan that would use traditional Medicaid and the state's Primary Care Network to provide limited health care to Utahans earning up to 100% of the poverty level.
In a poll, 62 percent of Utahans said the law hurts tourism and the economy.
UPHE is] striving to convince our local business and government leaders that the health of all Utahans should come first.
this legislation, Utahans have no special claim to those nine million
5 billion dollars into the host city of Salt Lake City, Utah, much of which went to "bankrolling subsidies, sweetheart deals, and giveaways for land developers and other well-connected Utahans.
However, the Utah-Mormon correlation is far from perfect because of the 40% of Utahans who are not Mormons, and because the abortion clinics in Salt Lake City serve residents of southwestern Wyoming, southeastern Idaho, and parts of western Colorado.
The survey classified 29 percent of Oregonians as very religious, compared with 58 percent of Mississippi residents and 56 percent of Utahans.
While in charge there, he ruled Utahans who'd jumped through all the hoops necessary to acquire a Utah concealed-carry permit still weren't welcome to go armed at his games or on the public trolley-cars built to get people there, on the theory they might scare the European tourists.
It's conceivable that Utahans don't ruminate on suicide any more than other Americans.