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British actor and playwright (1921-2004)

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LEAVING THEIR MARK: Mass murderer Dr Harold Shipman (and right, from top) Brian Clough, Sir Peter Ustinov, John Peel and Fred Dibnah, who all died in 2004 and are included in the latest Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
I'm acutely aware of what a great man Peter Ustinov was and how much he was loved here," he said.
There was laughter in the hour long memorial service as his daughter Tamara Ustinov and her husband Malcolm Rennie read an extract from The Love of Four Colonels.
Ustinov said more than 1,200 people had been in Beslan school - the first official admission hostage numbers had been so high.
Ustinov declared in booming tones after their appearance: ``I now know that the art of Flamenco dancing is to stare with hatred at your partner's shoes.
Ustinov remained 'youthful' even as an old man, drawing crowds wherever he went and astonishing his audiences with a dazzling wit, impeccable mimicry, an amazing memory and a compelling presence.
In a career lasting some 60 years, Ustinov appeared in roles ranging from Emperor Nero to Agatha Christie's Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.
In 1953 she performed with Ustinov in his play "No Sign of the Dove" at the Piccadilly Theater, and the two were married a year later.
Benin, also accused of plotting to kill prosecutor general Vladimir Ustinov, was arrested carrying a rifle, grenades and dynamite after he entered the Dagestan region from Chechnya.
THE expected head-to-head between top colts Ustinov and Viscount in the Group 1 Victoria Derby proved costly to punters when both ran unplaced in the pounds 477,000 race over 2,500 metres at Flemington on Saturday, writes Syd Brennan.
What happened inside these compartments was hell,' said Russia's Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov.
The stars: Victoria Hamilton, Jonathan Firth, Nigel Hawthorne, Jonathan Pryce, Diana Rigg, David Suchet, Peter Ustinov.
I had wanted Peter Ustinov all the time, but he wasn't Canadian, and the Board had this thing about using Canadians.
Peter Ustinov, the voice of Prince John, also starred in the live-action Disney film "Blackbeard's Ghost," among other Disney films.
are the days of the likes of Peter Ustinov, Spike Milligan and Germaine Greer gone forever?