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a member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas

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the Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek

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she is quite open to having sex--just not with Usbek, whom she finds
Comparando a sociedade francesa com uma sociedade de costumes tao diferente, como a Persa, que possui cultura, religiao, organizacao e tradicao diferentes, Montesquieu justifica o estranhamento de Usbek e Rica, que nada mais sao do que interlocutores para que o proprio Montesquieu apresente o proprio estranhamento, inquietacoes e criticas a sociedade de seu tempo.
However, that process is by no means yet guaranteed, with Red & White Holdings - backed by Usbek oligarch Alisher Usmanov - stating they have no intention of selling a 27 per cent stake, while the Arsenal Supporters Trust have stressed all of their minority shareholders will not sell.
En las Cartas persas, Usbek, quien habla en voz del autor, le escribe a Ibben para comentarle acerca de las "furiosas leyes" que prevalecen en Europa contra los suicidas, a quienes se les hace "sufrir una segunda muerte" negandoles sus derechos y confiscandoles sus bienes.
On the Paradoxes of Multiculturalism and the Ethnics of Laughter," with its subtle play on Voltaire's Candide, ou l'Optimisme (1759), focuses on the character of Borat as an avatar of cultural critique in the Enlightenment tradition - the latest in a long lineage of characters dating back to Usbek in Montesquieu's Persian Letters (1721)--used to highlight cherished elements of collective life that are arbitrary and irrational and in so doing, impart universal reason and rationality.
Whereas in the Lettres persanes, Montesquieu's Usbek leaves his home country of his own free will, mainly driven by his desire to know what lies beyond Persia, Zilia has been forcefully wrenched from her homeland.
26) The novel took the form of letters written between two Persian travelers in France, Usbek and Rica, and the eunuchs and wives whom Usbek had left in his seraglio, or harem, at home.
Usbek el extraterrestre, deambula por la obra, tanto fisica como dramaticamente.
Roxane goes on, however, to assert that she has gained her personal liberty from Usbek by killing her guardians.
The Persian Letters is the story of Usbek and Rhedi, two Persian gentlemen who leave their homes and families to travel to France in search of knowledge.
Thus Montesquieu opposes the idea of enlig htened despotism on the grounds that when reason is left alone to check individual actions (as it was for Voltaire's enlightened despot) the overwhelming tendency is for enlightenment to lose out to despotism, as the enlightened Usbek in Persian Letters illustrates (see Shklar, Montesquieu, p.
Here, in a letter sent back to Persia from Leghorn, Usbek outlines his journey and its logic.
The supply job will be on the reliable shoulders of Moroccan attacking midfielder Mbark Boussoufa and Usbek recruit Sardor Rashidov.
These narratives were originally intended to criticize a particular culture, through the use of an outsider--a fictional character functioning as a cultural other (such as Usbek and Rica in Montesquieu's Persian Letters), or an insider who is considered abnormal (like the pathologically naive protagonist of Voltaire's Candide), or in the most extreme example, a being not of this Earth (as in Voltaire's Micromegas).
Ce roman epistolaire met en scene, on s'en souvient, le periple vers la France de deux Persans, Usbek et Rica, qui, parvenus a Paris, se livrent dans leur correspondance a la critique des moeurs et institutions qu'ils decouvrent.