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the quality of being able to provide good service

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has a long-standing tradition of usability labs, whereas usability labs in Danish industry are a fairly novel phenomenon.
That's not a pattern we've ever been able to observe in our usability labs," he notes.
The company's customer and analytically oriented proprietary solutions such as MetricsLabSM, a full-service usability lab and market research facility and ATOM[R] (Automated Triggered-Opportunity Marketing), an automated marketing tool, enable the company to craft and execute customer engagement strategies for its clients.
The team encourages writers to rehearse their tasks, check that the computer in the usability lab is set up properly for the tests, and create a "teacher's edition" of their tasks with solutions and behaviors that observers should watch for.
A year later, we established our first usability lab, which now has expanded to three lab facilities.
Belge, who has designed interfaces for Lotus, Sun, Ziff-Davis, Easel, Index, and other clients, argues that the classic usability lab scenario .
This includes an onsite usability lab, ideal for conducting both comprehensive and informal usability studies.
Usability testing and research also offers usability guidelines and checklists, usability participant questionnaires, documentation usability techniques, paper prototyping, illustrations of the user-centered design process and the iterative design process, usability lab schematics, usability analysis reports, and recommendations and tips from other experts in the usability field.
The usability lab was established in 1994 and quickly grew into a group of nine people--a manager, a part-time secretary, and seven usability consultants, including myself.
At Metrics Marketing, she spearheads the firm's MetricsLabSM, a full-service usability lab and market research facility with mobile eye tracking capabilities that reveals customers' decision-making processes and behavioral patterns when reviewing a website, direct marketing piece, mobile application, email and more.
ISTE doesn't require a major investment in usability lab equipment or complicated and lengthy data analysis.
The Danish companies: Bang & Olufsen (B&O), Danfoss, and Kommunedata (KMD), were the first three Danish companies to have usability lab facilities.
The book lists several techniques for limited-scope usability tests that are of interest to anyone in the documentation field who lacks a full-blown usability lab down the hall.