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Synonyms for urgent

Synonyms for urgent

compelling immediate attention

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for urgent

compelling immediate action


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Urger was built at the Johnson Brothers' Shipyard in Ferrysburg, Michigan.
ONE 1 fop, 4 sir, 7 luv, 10 oxy, 13 bar* bra, 16 due, 21 jiz*, 22 jak TWO 4 sax, 6 cuz, 8 web, 15 lid, 18 log*, 21 jor, 24 rum* THREE 7 alloy loyal, 10 boord brood, 13 regur urger, 22 panda FOUR 12 grad drag FIVE 9 oner rone, 10 fops, 19 boxy, 22 bare bear brae, 25 hued SIX 3 lay, 6 yod, 11 dit tid, 12 jeu, 16 yin, 22 toe SEVEN 4 wizir (OED), 13 friar EIGHT 7 nopal, 11 perst perts prest strep, 22 caped paced NINE 7 pulu, 11 typy, 13 vara, 18 waff TEN 1 fou ufo, 11 pye yep, 13 gar rag, 15 cit tic, 16 jud, 22 jap TWELVE 22 A-sharp (W2) Sharpa (OED) THIRTY 11 ejects, 21 dotcom (The Dotcom Dictionary) tomcod FORTY 15 duing FIFTY 25 hexes SIXTY 6 dozey (OED), 21 stond
r "I urger the health boardr to proper r ly r explainx whyth his processr hastakenk so long and to fully dl isclose all costs involvel d.
G Dr Lyonsy added: "VaccinV -ation sessions are cr ontinuing n in schoolsc throughout r Walesa and I urger pupils and their parentsr totakeak dvantagea of these.
Here Phillips offers a historical overview of United States electorcal history and urgers Republicans to forego Northern voters in favor of Southerners.
You can also make Thai, Moroccan or Indian burgers b addi n urgers by adding dif fe rent spices.
The roughly two-inch-square hamb urgers cost a nickel.
B URGERS are sizzling on the barbecue, the sky is clear - it ought to be perfect.