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But Urga and other fields have since gone to Gazprom.
Abuye C, Haile-Mariam B, Neka-Tibebe H, Urga K and Z Wolde-Gebriel Urinary iodine excretion in relation to goiter prevalence in households of goiter endemic and non-endemic regions of Ethiop.
As previously reported, Petronas and Uzbekneftegaz signed a PSA with respect to the fields of Urga, Kuanish and the Akchalak group in the Ustyurt region of Uzbekistan in 2009.
The major opinion is that urg : uru 'burrow, lair', urgas : urka 'den, lair, hole', urge : urke 'sinus', urk : urga 'hole in the ice', urk : urgi 'the line drawn on the field to divide harvest land', urg : ura 'stream', org 'valley' and Finnish urkama 'cavity, pit, river bed', and orko 'hollow, dingle' are etymologically connected.
For detailed surveys see, for example, Cunningham, 1997; Driver and Urga, 2004; Mitchell et al.
Six (6) new international PSCs were secured by the Group during the year, namely the Surumana, Mandar and SE Palung Aru blocks in Indonesia; Block 3 & 6 and Block 16/19 in Mozambique; and the Urga Fields Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) in Uzbekistan.
But when the journalist, the prince, and the chauffeur enter the town of Urga in Mongolia, the car becomes an object of pilgrimage for the indigenous population from the most disparate surrounding areas.
At the same time Petronas and UNG signed a PSA to explore and develop the Baisun Block in the northern Ustyurt Basin, which contains three gas and condensate fields - Urga, Kuanish and Akhchalak.
They used instead a material-product system based on production quantities rather than on values expressed in money terms (Campos 2001; Estrin, Urga, and Lazarova 2001).
Batman Senora bravely kept on to keep Urga and Rougenoir out of second by a short head and three-quarters of a length.
The race went to Sunny Flight, on whom Philippe Sourzac employed waiting tactics before sprinting clear of Ty Benjam and Urga on the run-in.
Contributions from: Chris Adcock - Professor of Financial Econometrics at the University of Sheffield, Gustavo de Athayde - Senior Quantitative Manager at the Banco Itau, Giovanni Barone-Adesi - Professor of finance theory at USI in Lugano (Switzerland), Eric Jondeau - Professor of Finance at HEC-Lausanne, Patrice Poncet - Professor of Business Administration at the University of Paris-1 (Pantheon-Sorbonne) and a Professor of Finance at the ESSEC Business School, Michael Rockinger - Professor of finance at HEC Lausanne (FAME), and a former scientific consultant at the Banque de France, Giovanni Urga - Professor of Finance and Econometrics at the Cass Business School.
for the provision of second distant signal 11 stations at (Cph, Shivni, Bprh, Kothari Road, Madwarani, Srba, Plau, Urga, Krba, Kusumunda & Gad) & 1 Lc Gate Between (Urga-Krba Km.
Cherinet Abuye and Kelbessa Urga Determinants of iodine deficiency in school children in different regions of Ethiopia.
Petronas of Malaysia in April 2008 signed an EPSA for the Baisun Block in the northern Ustyurt Basin, which contains three gas and condensate fields - Urga, Kuanish and Akhchalak.