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In addition, one readily available option in urban areas - hiring low income members of minority groups or immigrants - is virtually nonexistent in many rural communities.
If one were to put it in percentages, roughly 73% of transgenders in Pakistan are found in urban areas while 23% were found to be in rural areas.
The teachers transferred to rural areas have demanded of education department to post those teachers in rural areas who have been earlier transferred from these schools to urban areas schools instead of embarrassing the senior teachers.
As the result of modifications in atmospheric environment, the development of the phenomenon of urban heat island (UHI) is quite common in urban areas.
The annual amount of natural resources used by urban areas could grow from 40 billion tonnes of raw materials in 2010 to 90 billion tonnes by 2050, an increase of 125 percent if changes are not made to how cities are built and designed.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 690 transgender population lives in urban areas and 223 in rural areas whereas in Balochistan 69 people registered under this category live in urban areas and 40 in rural areas.
Quoting a study of the UN's Food and Agriculture (FAO), Mushahidullah Khan said planting trees in urban areas could help cool the temperature by between two to eight degree Celsius.
Urban heat island (UHI) is one of the most well- known phenomena that narrates that the air temperature in urban areas is normally measured higher than surrounding non-urban areas.
As global temperatures increase, urban areas are "experiencing a kind of double whammy," according to UCLA's Dennis Lettenmaier, who coauthored a new study in Environmental Research Letters showing that a combination of general increases in temperature along with the heat island effect is leading to more extreme heat events in cities.
Key findings of the report showed that almost 200 million people moved to urban areas in East Asia from 2000-2010 a figure that would be the world's sixth- largest population for any single country.
The best way to do this was to create our own map of urban areas across the whole East Asia region.
SeeNews) - Aug 12, 2014 -A The European Commission's (EC) Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport has launched an open tender for assessing and improving the accessibility of urban areas, with an estimated value of the deal of EUR 200,000 (USD 267,000), excluding VAT.
Rangarajan on Monday said that the new poverty line for rural areas and urban areas is 19 percent and 40 percent higher than the one set by Tendulkar committee.
Urban areas offer diverse livelihoods and opportunities for social interaction, participation and empowerment.
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