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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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With just fiddle, guitar and upright bass, they charge through their varied repertoire, keeping up the variety by swapping lead vocal roles.
Complete with an upright bass, steel and acoustic guitars and a grassroots no-one's-going-to-do-it-for-us-but-us attitude, these three are not at all what you run across every day in record stores over-saturated with redundant crap.
It may look like Disney's next Bug hero, but this is, in fact, the Clifton Upright Bass, originally designed for jazz god Simon Woolf, who wanted an electric double bass that sounded traditional.
Sullivan enlisted local friends and musicians for this project, including Kate Donohue on guitar and vocals, Steve Glover on percussion and Joe Seccafico on upright bass.
Blackstone Valley Bluegrass comprises brothers Dave Dick on banjo and Bob Dick on guitar, and Dan Nowlan on mandolin and Ken Taylor on upright bass.
Accompanied by Martin Barrett, guitar, JT Davidson, pedal steel, and Sy McBain on Upright Bass, her music is an 'up close and personal' look at Americana retro-roots - from the cool, soft and sultry country to the rough and tumble honky tonkin tunes.
The Yisrael Septet will include: Yirmeyahu Yisrael on Saxophone, Amari Ansari on Saxophone/Flute, Mario Abney on Trumpet, Yah'El Yisrael on piano, Sam Albright on electric and upright Bass, Yehosheba Yisrael on Electric Bass and Peter Vanardo on Drums.
The new four-piece line-up sees singer, guitarist and harmonica-player Woody with Zack Pozebanchuck on upright bass, Lyon Graulty on clarinet, lead guitar and harmonies, plus Mike Gray on drums.
Set this against an irrepressible up-tempo rhythm from her band (Keith Mills on upright bass, Jae Brooks on drums and Steve Brown on keys) and Eliza Lawson's smouldering late-night vocals, and The Jazz Rascals make dancing music that runs as deep as it does high.
Utilising everything from guitars, piano, trumpet, Theremin and bouzouki to violin, accordion, upright bass and sousaphone it was a quite mesmerising and uplifting showcase of their astonishing diversity and instrumental virtuosity.
Thursday night found him in the intimate surrounds of the Glee Club Studio for only the second night of his tour and there was noisy anticipation, then a hushed reverence, as he took to the stage, accompanied by an upright bass player.
In a corner of the room, a duo quietly played pop standards on piano and upright bass, setting a sultry mood.
Nearly every song features an uneasy yet artful confluence of '80s-era synth and strings (violins, upright bass, mandolin), while some tunes include percussion, resulting in a dramatic, unconventionally symphonic backdrop for Stewart's emotionally charged lyrics.
The line-up has been the same since the beginning--JD Goodwin on guitar and vocals, Ryan Hum on upright bass, and myself, Tom Knox, on drums.
Minneapolis is a keening Springsteenesque hymn of regret and old wounds, Words Fell a healing song of reincarnation that dispenses with guitar in favour of upright bass, drums and pedal steel, while World Without Tears is a slow swaying blues that reminds us what renders us human.