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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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The opening, epic "Wrecking Ball" evokes Neil Young in its twangy Americana flavor, passionate guitar strumming and slight vocal quiver, while "Landlocked" shows off Pureka's classic fingerpicking in tandem with friend Lyndell Montgomery's expressive fiddle and Andy Rice's dirge-like upright bass.
The Necks - Chris Abrahams at the grand piano, Lloyd Swanton on mini upright bass and Tony Buck at the drums - slow the world down.
The ensemble consists of acoustic guitar, Dobro, mandolin, octave mandolin, piano, strings, organ, upright bass, drums, and percussion.
The instruments are slightly different to a normal guitar or upright bass.
Brooklyn-born Orlando "Landy" Felix (who spent part of his childhood learning guitar in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico) was inspired by bassist Polito Huertas to tackle the upright bass.
Augustine" is a rapturous tumble, while "Enchanted," with its simple piano and upright bass arrangement, plays like a gently fractured jazz standard.
Upright bass player Dan Berglund caresses his instrument like a lover, coaxing surprising melody out of the strings, and drummer Magnus Ostrom is subtlety itself.
Many of these songs use only guitars and Mike Bitts' upright bass, providing a simple but texturally rich backdrop for Karen's intimate vocal performances.
The 13-member ensemble uses the bracing sounds of trumpets, trombones, baritone saxophone, conga, bongo, timbale, upright bass and acoustic piano to create salsa that's both modern and historic, packing dance floors around the world along the way.
When the Haints started out they couldn't afford an upright bass, which they thought every real country band needed.
Most of the set, though, was performed with his full band of exceptional musicians, Janne Petersson on keyboards,Dave Bronze on bass guitar and upright bass and Bjorn Gideonsson on drums.
Kudos to the bluesy players, especially to Danny Thompson, whose funky upright bass provides the perfect counterpoint to the Blind Boys' soaring attack.
mixes with heavenly mandolin and guitar work, train-lonely harmonica, gut-punching upright bass, in-your-face lead vocals and spine-tingling harmonies, making Big Smith a monster musical force.
Cassie Andrews and Calico Creek -- featuring Andrews on banjo and vocals, Becky Peters on guitar and vocals, Ron Cobb on upright bass, and Danny Robinson on guitar, mandolin and vocals -- opens the show at 7:30 p.
Late September includes 11 new pieces with Hoffman on piano, supported by Zack Page on the upright bass and Brian Sullivan on drums.