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one of the two main administrative districts of Egypt

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In July 2017, Housing Minister Mostafa Madbouly laid out his ministry's plan to enter new cities in Upper Egypt as a developer and execute compounds, or gated communities, New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) Director of Public Relations Mona Kamel said.
The co-founders have called the facility "Alwanat", Arabic for colours, with their stated mission being to promote art and culture in Upper Egypt.
We noted some differences in social and demographic characteristics between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt and, therefore, disaggregated data by region.
Table (2) shows the wheat crop production in the north Egypt is distinguished by productivity efficiency which represents about 75% as compared to that of the Upper Egypt which estimated almost 25%.
There is also a statue of Cheops depicted with the falcon god Horus to protect him, and papyrus and lotus, respective symbols of Lower and Upper Egypt, to signify the then unity of Egypt.
Rather, this demonstration is a warning about the real possibility of sectarian aggression against Copts, especially in Upper Egypt.
Dana Gas, based in Sharjah which is the Middle East's first private and integrated gas firm, is the sixth largest gas producer in Egypt where it has blocks in Upper Egypt, the GoS, the Nile Delta (ND) and elsewhere, and has made many finds.
When the writer - himself originally from Upper Egypt - met her, it turned out that she had never been to Upper Egypt, that "she was afraid of going there," according to the writer, because the people there live in "the utmost savagery".
Chert quarrying, lithic technology and a modern human burial at the palaeolithic site of Taramsa 1, Upper Egypt.
6 on the Richter scale hit today the governorates of Qena and Sohag in Upper Egypt without causing any casualties.
venpick Hotels & Resorts-Africa and Habitat for Humanity Egypt joined together to build houses in Al Kom Al Akhdar village in Upper Egypt.
Ganope's area of operations is Upper Egypt, which already produces oil and has interesting prospects.
Summary: Groundstar has announced the completion of the 2D detail seismic program over five previously identified structures on the West Kom Ombo block in Upper Egypt.
Amid colorful handmade costumes and evocative lighting, the performers converse in the language of the Gypsy (Ghawazee) dances of Upper Egypt and the Kabelyas of Rajasthan, India.
As girls reach adolescence, their lives become increasingly confined to the home, their opportunities limited to household chores, and their future prospects restricted to early marriage and childbearing, A comprehensive program in rural Upper Egypt, known as Ishraq (meaning "enlightenment"), has succeeded in expanding the horizons of adolescent girls, increasing their self-confidence and general knowledge as well as promoting their civic engagement.
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