unwritten law

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law based on customary behavior

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the unwritten law of nations with respect to safe-conducts.
Olivia Mace is alternatively sullen and deliciously vivacious as her daughter Sorel, who accurately sighs: "One always plays up to mother in this house - it's a sort of unwritten law.
It's something of an unwritten law in football that you just don't do that sort of thing.
I think there is an unwritten law that once you have referred it, that is it.
But in Argentina, it is like an unwritten law," he said.
IT seems to be an unwritten law that celebrity reality shows must feature at least one former Hollyoaks actor or actress, and Gary Lucy and Kieron Richardson are hotly tipped to fill Dancing on Ice's quota this year.
The unwritten law there is that you put a note in your blind with your name, phone, and hunting dates, and other hunters honor that.
Taken together, the accounts evidence the waning influence of the Old South's unwritten law over the years, but also suggest that vestiges of the unwritten law remain.
Unwritten Law Of Cricket 7b (ii) states that, when a player is in terrible form, he gets any bad luck or excellent deliveries going.
INSIDER'S wondering if it might be an unwritten law that if you want to be a footballer your favourite food must be pasta.
Over the past two years A2M has partnered with a diverse group of platinum and multi-platinum artists including Dolly Parton, Tracy Lawrence, Tommy Lee, John Michael Montgomery, Sinead O'Connor, Unwritten Law, and Tracy Byrd, in addition to critically-acclaimed newcomers, The Cool Kids.
On the other hand, the Confucian account of ritual propriety can supplement Aristotle's "all too brief account of unwritten law.
This is unwritten law, for there is no writing in the dark.
In its purest form, the unwritten law permitted--indeed required--a man to kill the scoundrel who "attacked" or "dishonored" his wife, daughter, or sister.
The UK constitution is a mixture of written and unwritten law that has evolved and been adapted over time.