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reckless, especially in the use of material resources

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The chronic form of glanders produces more vague signs of coughing, unthriftiness, weight loss, an intermittent fever, and purulent nasal discharge (usually from one nostril).
Excesses of fluorine in the diet can cause colored teeth, bone lesions, lameness, and unthriftiness (loss of condition).
Similar in its violent anti-Cromwellianism, its lively, if scurrilous, anecdotes, and its interspersed, learned Latin and Greek quotations, Heath's text, 172-73, comments briefly but tellingly on Elizabeth Cromwell, "who very frugally Huswived it, and would nicely and finically tax the expensive unthriftiness (as said she) of the Other Woman who lived there [in Whitehall] before her.
Poor growth / unthriftiness, anaemia, temporary infertility, bone defects / fractures / lameness, hair changes, diarrhoea, low milk yield and in sheep swayback is usually the main feature.
Symptoms include poor appetite, general unthriftiness, and abortion.
3) Any animal or fowl eliminated from the herd or flock because of unthriftiness, disease, poor conformation, etc.
Vitamin E deficiency can lead to poor fertility, unthriftiness and low disease resistance, as well as reduced vigour in lamb, stiff joints - often mistaken for joint ill - and unexplained sudden death.
It is characterized by unthriftiness, loss of weight and muscular control, nervousness, falling, lack of ability to eat, and death.
In the latter cases, astute livestock owners may notice gradual changes in their animals' conditions, such as unthriftiness or weight loss.