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United States writer (1885-1977)

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Both Untermeyer and Harris sound warnings into the future about unregulated unbounded artificial intelligence (though the former perhaps unknowingly).
Elsewhere Lindsay chides Louis Untermeyer for using "Whitman to the limit in your last critical work" and urges on him a shift in perspective: "I have said for years that if almost everything that was said in praise of Whitman was rewritten with the names of Johnny Appleseed and Abraham Lincoln alternately substituted, it would be much truer in the eyes of the real open mind of America" (193-194).
The Christian Zionists, brainwashed by today's successors to Untermeyer, want the Jewish Zionists to blow up al-Aqsa and start slaughtering pink heifers.
You could tell he was exhilarated,'' said Diana Untermeyer, a family friend from Houston.
Those who have sought to dismiss Moore often point to the sense of constraint in her work--"everything is rigidly planned, distorted, squeezed into protesting structures; nothing moves freely, nothing is spontaneous or without strain" complains Louis Untermeyer (48-49), who excluded Moore from his influential Modern American Poetry: A Critical Anthology.
Diane Douglass Quinn, who was the first principal of the school, and former ambassadors of the US to Qatar, Chase Untermeyer and Mark Hamley, were also present.
Poets whose work is represented include both familiar and unfamiliar names: Nancy Byrd Turner ("Immigrants"), Tupac Shakur ("Liberty Needs Glasses,"), Langston Hughes ("Misery"), Assotto Saint ("The Geography of Poetry"), Maya Angelou ("Harlem Hopscotch"), Mitsuye Yamada ("Warning"), Wendell Berry ("My Great-Grandfather's Slaves"), Luis Rodriguez ("Piece By Piece"), and Louis Untermeyer ("Prayer").
The engraving appears in a fifteenth-century bronze bowl from Germany, part of the collection of Irvin Untermeyer at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.
Adorno, John Crowe Ransom, and The Kenyon Review; Louis Untermeyer, Brooks and Warren, and "The Red Wheelbarrow;" theory and politics in the old regionalism of the new critics; and close reading after the new criticism.
Written in February 1913, the poem was published in Louis Untermeyer, ed.
A cable sent by the American ambassador, Chase Untermeyer, described an embassy official's meeting with Khanfar.
In 1933 Frost queried Louis Untermeyer (18): "Did you happen to notice the terrible kind of death Hemingway wished the humanist in his Winner Take Nothing dedicated, to your Archie MacLeish?
7) Frost to Louis Untermeyer, March 10, 1924, in Selected Letters of Robert Frost, ed.
Louis Untermeyer claimed, "Carson's bisexual tendencies were obvious" (110).