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Arthur said Australia's top six batsmen had the edge on England and the best chance of a home Ashes victory was for Flintoff to unleash hell with the ball.
Biker Kane Saul even zoomed around on a childsized motorbike, effortlessly throwing in a backflip, despite a crash landing that left him out cold earlier in this Unleash Hell Tour.
But chat to him now, and there's a definite sense that the old Gethin Jenkins could be about to unleash hell across the rugby battlegrounds of Europe.
It's got all the usual apocalyptic stuff thrown in - prophecies, a demonic conspiracy to unleash Hell on earth, a missing relic, a journey or two to the underworld.
Every chance,I thought,of Russell Crowe wandering through from the kitchen and asking the waiters to unleash hell.
IRELAND expect Italy's gladiators to unleash hell in the Stadio Olimpico.
Kyle's father reportedly told Eastwood before production started: "Disrespect my son and I'll unleash hell on you.
Soon after, Julian's mother Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas) arrives in Thailand to identify her older son's body and when she learns who killed her boy, she demands that Julian unleash hell upon Lt Chang and his associates.
We should pick the best under-25s in England (ending the careers of anyone older) and groom (that word has developed such negative connotations in this age of internet skulduggery but I'm going to use it anyway) them into experienced internationals in a settled side which will be ready to unleash hell in France and Russia, ending what will by then be 50 years of hurt for Ingerland and their fans.
However, Turnbull is marshalling an army with which he intends to unleash hell upon the Earth, killing anyone who gets in his way.
In the film, Gemma's character Io helps Perseus (Sam Worthington), who is on a mission to defeat Hades (Ralph Fiennes) before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on Earth.
And on hearing that Vinnie Jones was making a hard-man film on an adjacent film set, he told Andy 'If he comes near me looking for a fight, I will unleash hell.
The All Blacks went in with all their big guns save the injured Tana Umaga, with coach John Mitchell clearly trying to unleash hell ahead of the quarter-finals.
When we take to the blocks for the 100m I am going to unleash hell.
Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich) "At my signal, unleash hell.