United States Intelligence Community

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For more information on Eyes on Spies: Congress and the United States Intelligence Community, visit HooverPress.
Baginski brings a wealth of experience to the Board from her 27 years of service in the United States Intelligence Community.
These customers include several of the world's largest banks and government organizations, such well-known public entities as the United States Department of Defense, United States Internal Revenue Service and members of the United States Intelligence community.
The Defense Intelligence Agency is a Department of Defense combat support agency and an important member of the United States Intelligence Community.
Heilbrun received an appointment as Counsel to the United States Intelligence Community Staff and remained in the Intelligence Community during both the Bush and Clinton administrations.
BorderGuard has been relied upon for more than 11 years by some of the most risk-averse and geographically dispersed organizations in the world, including portions of the United States intelligence community.
Guardian Solutions, formed in January 2002 by a five-man team with over 100 years combined experience in developing and deploying advanced systems for the United States intelligence community, is a developer of homeland security information technology systems.
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