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As I mentioned in my remarks, the legal authority is derived from the Constitution, as well as the authorization of force [in the war on terror] by the United States Congress.
The United States Congress will always play a secondary role (to the administration) on Iran, but a handful of members of Congress who become very knowledgeable can exert a lot of influence on the direction of the administration's thinking.
Besides the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor is the only other award sanctioned by both houses of the United States Congress and recipients are listed in the Congressional Record.
President Bush, the United States Congress, Secretary General Annan and the international community want more than promises; we want to see dramatic improvements on the ground right now.
The Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA) has joined a coalition of religious, human rights and humanitarian organizations in commending the United States Congress and the President for the passage and signing of the Clean Diamond Trade Act.
Judge Robert Holmes Bell dismissed the case, writing that the United States Congress, rather than the courts, should determine the proper balance between the "economic burden" created by FPI and the policy of providing inmates with work.
The United States Congress has been unwilling to pass meaningful corrective legislation required to protect the well-being of our patients.
Questions on the survey included: "Do God's Laws or Natural Laws have a high [sic] authority than laws enacted by the United States Congress or the Idaho Legislature?
Netanyahu could now rest in the relative comfort that he had sufficient influence within the United States Congress concerning the formulation of Middle East policy.
Now let me read you from the law that was passed by the United States Congress, and it has to do with an amendment that I played a role in called the Sanders-Frank Amendment of 1994: "The Secretary of Treasury directs the United: States Executive Directors of the international financial institutions to use the voice and vote of the United States to urge the respective institution to adopt policies to encourage borrowing countries to guarantee internationally recognized worker rights and to include the status of such rights as an integral part of the institution's policy dialogue with each borrowing country.
The United States Congress recently passed legislation protecting individual states from having to recognize homosexual "marriage.
The United States Congress acknowledges the contribution and work of a representative group of Venezuelans, linked to various sectors of social, economics, arts, literature, media, politics and sports in South Florida.
When he was censured, Congressman Studds bravely asked something along the lines of, "Why is the United States Congress spending its time on what went on between two consenting adults over a decade ago?
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