United States Civil War

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Founding Director of the United States Civil War Center, David Madden is Coordinator of the national Civil War Sesquicentennial Initiative, a collaborative effort of the Louisiana Secretary of State and Louisiana State University.
The social studies test measures student knowledge of United States history; standards tested include: (1) Global influence of the pre-colonial and colonial eras of the Western Hemisphere; (2) Formation and development of the United States; (3) Eras of revolution, expansion, and reform prior to the United States Civil War; (4) United States Civil War Era; (5) Developments of the late 19th and 20th centuries; (6) Causes and effects of World War I; and (7) The Great Depression and World War II.
Per Capita Cost of War in 1990 Dollars Revolutionary War $343 War of 1812 $92 Mexican War $52 Civil War $1,294 Spanish-American War $84 World War I $1,911 World War II $15,655 Korean War $1,740 Vietnam War $1,692 Gulf War $27 Source: United States Civil War Center, Louisiana State University Note: Table made from bar graph
The United States Civil War Center, at Louisiana State University.
With the passage of time, the battle regarded as the turning point of the United States Civil War was consigned to the history books.
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