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He said the United Nations had a key role in promoting pacific settlement of disputes and upholding the right to self-determination of peoples under alien domination and foreign occupation.
Financier : United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF),United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
The office property, developed in 1965, was designed by the lead architect for the United Nations complex, and is the only office property located adjacent to the Headquarters of the United Nations.
The speakers and distinguished guests of this year's dinner recognize the importance of uniting to support UNA-USA programs to activate Americans in their support of the United Nations in its efforts to drive agendas of peace, stability and humanitarian development.
The United Nations General Assembly declared this day in 1947 as United Nations Day.
Ultimately, this makes it harder for the United States to push for our interests and those of our allies; in particular, it makes pursuing meaningful long-term changes to strengthen the United Nations much more difficult.
His last duty with the United Nations was as special adviser to the secretary general and Non-Governmental Organizations' Liaison Coordinator of the second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (HABITAT II) in New York.
The last time Gallup found a majority of Americans saying the United Nations was doing a good job was in February 2002, when the figure was 58%.
The United States should never have joined UNESCO for the same reasons our nation should never have become entangled in its United Nations parent.
Individuals, groups, and institutions: How and why the United Nations was created, what goals were established, and how the institution is faring today.
The United Nations cannot agree among its members on tactics to suppress or eliminate such terrorist threats; indeed, some of its members even harbour known terrorists.
As a member of the Council to the United Nations Association, I spent two days recently consulting at the United Nations in New York.
The following are excerpts of the remarks at a High-Level Segment of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland, March 16, 2004.
But the hardliners in the Bush Administration still don't want to deal with the United Nations.
Over the past two years, the United Nations has been praised for its support of the United States during the aftermath of September 11, and faulted for tailing to support the United States and its allies in the war in Iraq.
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