United Mine Workers

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an industrial union of mine workers in North America

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Darryl Dewberry, vice president of Alabama's United Mine Workers District 20, spoke to the crowd that day, evoking the horrible memories of September 23, 2001.
He said: "We have already sent a letter to the United Mine Workers of America expressing our grief and sadness at what happened in the coal mine in West Virginia.
Brisbin writes that these activities resulted in a set of institutions and laws that constituted a legal complex that can be seen in the 1950 accord between the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and the Bituminous Coal Operators Association (BCOA).
United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts met briefly with Viacom's chief operating officer, Mel Karmazin.
1) Collateral bar allowed, for example, a federal district court to fine the United Mine Workers for disobeying an anti-strike injunction without regard to whether Congress had specifically deprived the court of jurisdiction to issue such injunctions.
As industrialization increased throughout the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the labor movement adapted by forming industrial unions, such as the United Mine Workers, headed for many years by John L.
Davis, a black coal miner and leader in the United Mine Workers of America.
Biber came to Trinidad in 1954 to work at a United Mine Workers of America clinic after serving as an Army surgeon in the Korean War and at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colo.
labor unions, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, United Paperworkers International Union, and the United Mine Workers, share the congressman's views.
Nearly all AFL-CIO unions such as the United Auto Workers, American Federation of Teachers and the United Mine Workers are covered.
From there Route 3 winds eastward through District 17 of the United Mine Workers, where the event of the John Sayles movie "Matewan" are local history.
James Grossfeld, director of public information for the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), headquartered in Washington, D.
Along the way the author also sheds new light on several other topics, including the determination of wage rates, the evolution of workmen's compensation laws in relation to miners, and what pecuniary advantage, if any, the United Mine Workers of America gained by the use of strikes.
A coal miners' strike, which idled 140,000 anthracite coal miners, began in Pennsylvania after United Mine Workers president John Mitchell's suggestion of arbitration had been refused by mine operators.
The new agreement with the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) is effective May 1, 2012, and will expire April 30, 2018.
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