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a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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Regarding Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, "Nationalist" and "Republican" groups seek a united Ireland that includes Northern Ireland, while "Unionists" and "Loyalists" want Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom.
Brent, Nuffield Department of Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom OX3 9DU; email: dr.
In 2001, Germany was the next exporter, and in 2003, the United Kingdom is a bigger net exporter than Germany for the first time.
Police lawfully can take still photographs and video footage of suspects in public places in the United Kingdom.
Like the United States, the United Kingdom has investor-oriented public regulation, a strong audit tradition and a large, well-established accounting profession.
Because the individual would be resident in the United Kingdom at the time of distribution, the United Kingdom would be the only country able to impose a tax; however, because the distribution is not income for U.
Campbell, Kumari, United Kingdom in Pictures (Lerner Pub.
While the United Kingdom remains responsible for the Islands' international affairs and for their defense, the Islands have autonomy over their domestic affairs, including taxation.
The widespread distribution and temporal clustering (1) of cases in the United Kingdom suggest that its cause was contamination of heroin rather than changes in injecting practices.
E)The body of water at 57[degrees]N, 4[degrees]E that is a major source of oil for the United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany: --
The British government has proposed a policy that would require immigrants who seek citizenship to first pass tests in English-language proficiency and United Kingdom history.
To the Editor: Multidrug-resistant (MDR) Salmonella Typhimurium definitive phage type (DT) 104 with chromosomally encoded resistance to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin/spectinomycin, sulfonamides, and tetracyclines (ACSSpSuT) was first identified and characterized in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s (1).
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