United Arab Republic

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Though a semblance of normality returned to Baghdad after the first flush of revolutionary ardour subsided, Iraq remained a thoroughgoing police state with squads of secret police at large on the streets and in the hotels keeping watch on foreigners and suspected revolutionaries from the enemy heartland in the United Arab Republic.
Backed by the United Arab Republic, this new regime was known as the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR).
By 1958, newly established nation-states in those regions included Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, the Sudan, Ghana, the United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria), and Iraq.
Egypt's union with Syria in 1958 and the creation of the United Arab Republic seemed only the first step in the achievement of pan-Arab dreams.
DeTECH is very close to signing a contract for leak location work in the United Arab Republic of Yemen.
1958Jamal Abdul Nasser becomes the first President of the new United Arab Republic, a short-lived union of Syria and Egypt.
As a result, Kuwait called on Britain to withdraw its troops and replaced them with Arab ones and actually some troops from the United Arab Republic, Jordan, and Sudan arrived in Kuwait to protect it from any foreign interference.
President Gamal Abdel Nasr deployed troops to the area for a short period of time to secure the area ahead of the referendum for the United Arab Republic.
Unions such as this--the Egyptian-Syrian United Arab Republic of 1958-61, for instance--were short-lived, victims of the Arab world's notorious rivalries that have defeated all attempts to build such partnerships.
In this case, Syria became increasingly drawn into the regional power struggle, which culminated with its merger with Egypt in the United Arab Republic in 1958.
During the rule of Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser, the two nations were united as the United Arab Republic
The President of Egypt, then known as the United Arab Republic (UAR), Gamal Abdel Nasser, later conveyed to U.
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