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The White House: If you want to cut out the terrorism middle man, farm out Homeland Security to United Arab Emerates.
Box 5546, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerates, Tel: (+9712) 444 6900 - Fax: (+9712) 444 6135 - E-mail: envo2001@emirates.
That's why the matches against the United Arab Emerates today and Holland on Wednesday are no longer the joke games they might have been.
For instance, many European companies now export large quantities of perfume to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emerates, seemingly without regard to the fact that a great deal of it cannot possibly sell there.
com/aiki14) from StockTwits joins us to discuss the probabilities of Abu Dhabi's Dubai bailout, and gives us his personal insights on the United Arab Emerates.
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