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Christian doctrine that stresses individual freedom of belief and rejects the Trinity

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At first, Unitarianism was seen by the Japanese as the religion of the future, and its spirit could then be described by the phrase "sympathy of religions.
Wright also suggests that the evidence for Coleridge's commitment to Unitarianism is thinner than what might be inferred from a first glance.
Howe's poetry takes on clarity, greater historical texture, and more significance for the story of American civil religion once it is tied to both romantic nationalism and liberal Unitarianism.
notes in her introduction, American religious scholarship has tended to focus on the transatlantic influences on Transcendentalism, Unitarianism, and Protestant liberalism generally, while largely ignoring European influences on North American Reformed Protestantism.
Mormons, Jehovah Witness, Christian Science, Unification Church, Zen Buddhism, Unitarianism, and United Pentecostal," the school's application states.
Here, Detering sees the beginning of Thomas Mann's "bewusste, praktische, tatkraftige Sympathie" (88) with organized Unitarianism.
According to James, Martineau's early Unitarianism accounts for her difference from Thomas Robert Malthus in her "optimistic belief in human progress," a view that reappears in the chapters of part 3 (75).
Although I'm a lifelong atheist and humanist, I had no idea what either Unitarianism or humanism were until I had to go to a local church in the early 1960s.
Dickens remained a conservative member of the High Anglican Church, although he was attracted for a time to Unitarianism, especially to Ellery Channing in America, who "practiced Charity and toleration" (146).
Transcendentalism, Spiritualism, and Unitarianism were prompted in part by radicalism rather than the reverse.
They kept this pretense up long after they had traded in their Bibles for Unitarianism and Emerson's Oversoul.
Among them Ciprian Firea mentions the Lutheranism (Evangelic church), founded by the German Martin Luther, the Calvinism, the Unitarianism etc.
Haslett notes that this novelty and experimentation was "equally marked across English, Scottish and Irish fiction" (13), but this response to trends that are concerned with diversity and difference evident in Amory's fiction is perhaps best exemplified in the novel's program to both interrogate Irishness and to relate that Irishness to the wider world; more specifically, the range and diversity of mid-eighteenth-century versions of Irish national character, culture that includes Buncle's near-obsessive Unitarianism.
Before the concluding chapter, Bernard Lightman (York University) provides an impressive history of unbelief, contrasting moderate and radical outlooks in the path from Unitarianism to the New Atheism.
Thus, readers are left with the impression that Priestley's primary goal was a defense of his Unitarianism.
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