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Christian doctrine that stresses individual freedom of belief and rejects the Trinity

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Attentive to the occasions when critics have perceived Unitarianism to be a small, perhaps even incidental part of Williams's background, Copestake wishes to provide a corrective.
Just a few years earlier, the Deist John Toland had brought Islam into the theological discussion of Unitarianism in Nazarenus (1718): By examining the apocryphal-Morisco Gospel of Barnabas, he argued that if the Trinitarian component in Christian theology were excised, Islam's representation of Christ corresponded to the representation in the canonical gospels.
Inspired by the Socinian Unitarianism coming out of England, especially that of Joseph Priestley and Theophilus Lindsey, Bentley joined forces with his former college roommate and lifelong friend, James Freeman of Boston's King Chapel, to disseminate the many Unitarian sermons and tracts arriving from England.
If I had to choose--and I guess at some point I'm supposed to--on my little Divinity School student profile card they haven't seemed to notice yet that I haven't put anything down--it's somewhere between Unitarianism and Congregationalist," he said in a rush.
Here we find a myriad of scholarly references to the Southern writers and thinkers on everything from Addison and Boethius to Unitarianism and Voltaire.
Against the growing unitarianism of the Enlightenment, Bach was unabashedly trinitarian.
After this there are examinations of the author's shorter pieces, 'Gaskell, gender, and the family', the author's concern for the increasing pace of social change, an essay on Unitarianism, and finally, a discussion of Mrs Gaskell's standing both in her life time, after her death and now.
Annas' aim is to 'unsettle' developmentalism (Plato's work is to be read as an overall development of his thought), though she does not therefore endorse an 'all-out' unitarianism (Plato's work is to be read thematically across the dialogues).
Nonetheless, while agreeing to "acknowledge, understand and appreciate" other faith traditions in general, the committee decided not to add the following paragraph: "The faith traditions with which we seek good relationships include but are not limited to Judaism, Islam, Native spirituality, Baha'ism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Paganism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Unitarianism, Wiccanism and Zoroastrianism.
Even liberal theology, in the forms of Unitarianism and spiritualism, made inroads in the South.
Unitarianism and Universalism both came to the United States in the 1700s with those who settled in New England.
Somewhat like Chesterton, Newman's own upbringing was not particularly devout (though more so than the genial Unitarianism of the Chestertons).
As Wolf, libertarian economist Murray Rothbard, and others have observed, Puritanism eventually devolved into Unitarianism, which rejected the Incarnation in fact and gave birth to the "reason for the season" that so many Americans now understand: a time of material giving and good deeds.
This time she applied the phrase "self-culture," which was widely associated with both Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, and had become something of a watchword among antebellum reformers who advocated the development of individual intellectual capacities and moral character in the interest of fostering a general moral uplift in society.
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