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Ecosystem processes performed by unionid mussels in stream mesocosms: species roles and effects of abundance.
2012: An invasive species reverses the roles in a host-parasite relationship between bitterling fish and unionid mussels.
The unionid mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) of the Missouri River floodplain in southwestern Iowa and northwestern Missouri.
Freshwater unionid mussels have a unique life cycle, beginning with their development in the gills of parental mussels.
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The influences of a wide array of contaminants, including Hg, MeHg, CF, major ions, and trace elements, from the SITE on downstream recovery of unionid mussels are discussed.
IRI = 64), followed by insects (IRI = 23) and native unionid mussels (IRI = 11; Table 3).
For example, freshwater drum have coevolved as a host to the glochidial larvae of several species of native unionid mussels (Haag, 2012).
The information that is gathered during surveys such as these is an invaluable tool for monitoring and preserving the status of unionid mussels in North Dakota.