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national flag of the United Kingdom


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The petition, which has so far been signed by 430 people, states: "Since we are a country in our own right, it is not acceptable that the Union Flag, instead of our own national flag, 'Y Ddraig Goch' (The Red Dragon) is used on our driving licences.
The Union flag is seen by many of us in Wales as provocative.
They must be going through hell and trying to avoid all television and newspapers while we continue to win and our proud athletes rush for the nearest Union Flag to carry it with pride and pleasure and bask in the adulation of a proud people.
Germany's Taz newspaper published a picture of a sandcastle with a Union Flag on its front page with the headline: "Well done, little Britain.
Mr Jobbins says flying the Union flag always means "deferring to Westminster and airbrushing Wales from the picture".
A Union flag was burned and missiles thrown as a heavy police presence kept both sides apart.
However, other users were pleased to see the Union Flag associated with Burns.
All I can say is that the union flag is worn with pride by our police officers as well as many others.
He wanted the council to encourage schools to fly the Union flag "in our school grounds throughout the borough and encourage them to include the national anthem as part of school assemblies".
The European Union flag has been displayed on full driving licences since photocards first came into use in July 1998.
The Union flag was ceremoniously rehoisted there by council leader Grant Davey on Thursday, exactly a week before the vote.
He has no right to lower the Union Flag from the Town Hall or any other building.
THREE people were arrested as the Union flag protests continued yesterday.
Summary: Four police officers have been injured in another night of loyalist rioting linked to the Union flag row in Northern Ireland.
Smith (Daily Post, June 18) is wrong in claiming that the Union Flag is in any way representative of a union between England and Wales.
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