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having one nucleus

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1, mature oocyst surrounded by outer layer (OL) and inner layer (IL) membrane and containing four sporocysts (SPC); 2, mature oocysts containing sporocysts (SPC) and free sporozoites (SP); 3, uninucleated (UN) and premature meront (PM); 4, infection of epithelial cell by two parasites, meront (M) and macrogamont (Ma), the host cell is displaced into the lumen but still attached to the underlying epithelium via a stalk- like structure.
In brief, anthers with uninucleated microspores were macerated, suspended in 100 ml of liquid MS [16] medium containing 2,4dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) and 6-furfurylaminopurine (Kin), 1.
The neoplastic cells were uninucleated, binucleated, or multinucleated medium-to-large polygonal cells in either aggregates or confluent sheets.
It is unlikely that such cells were uninucleated sexual embryo sacs, since degenerated megaspores were never observed and the nucleus and nucleolus of those cells were markedly larger than those of normally reduced megaspores.
When the main spikes reached the size of development in which uninucleated microspores could be cytologically identified in the anthers of central flowers, these spikes were asseptically cleaned with a 70% ethanol and a 10 days pretreatment at 4[degrees]C, in dark, was made; 36 anthers from 12 central flowers of each spike (three anthers/flower, 324 anthers/genotype), were cultured on modified Hunter medium (HUNTER, 1985).