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the percentage of the work force that is unemployed at any given date

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9 percent unemployment rate "fake" and "phony," and claimed the "real" unemployment rate was more than 35 percent.
9%) registered single-digit unemployment rates in the second quarter of the current Iranian year (June 22-Sept.
The unemployment rate in Slovakia in November 2017 stood at 5.
This is the third time in 2017 in which county unemployment rates decreased statewide.
The authors nevertheless caution against making direct comparisons with unemployment rates in other countries, because China's urban household survey data do not define labor-force status in exactly the same way that many developed nations do.
The lowest unemployment rates were registered in Germany, Austria and Denmark, while Spain, Greece, Croatia and Italy had the highest rates.
Recent college graduates with a Bachelor's degree or better are still bearing the greatest unemployment risk, with unemployment rates ranging from a low of 4.
The highest increases in the unemployment rates were registered in Greece (19.
A persistently high unemployment rate is of concern to Congress for a variety of reasons, including its negative consequences for the economic well-being of individuals and its impact on the federal budget.
24, 2012 (CENS)--Taiwan's unemployment rate reached 4.
To the extent that more rigid labor markets result in higher unemployment, we should expect to see lower unemployment rates in the United States.
The distribution of unemployment rates among Fourth District counties ranges from a low of 5.
The report also revised unemployment rates for December and November.
We based this parameter on the mean of the statewide annual unemployment rates for Kentucky from year 2000 to year 2005.
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