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Synonyms for underwrite

guarantee financial support of

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All of this information is readily available to underwriters, even on motor vehicles reports that used to be batch processed, which delayed the underwriter and often ended up [causing] the underwriting window of opportunity to disappear--the first 60 days in many states," said Webster.
Underwriters have made changes through agents and representatives who speak to them on the customer's behalf.
Underwriters may want to review the firm's insider trading policy, including its efforts to comply with SEC Rule 10b5-1, as well as procedures for complying with new accelerated reporting requirements.
My camp insurance underwriter is concerned about insurance to value on several of my buildings.
The underwriter must identify areas of neglect and abuse in case the property was "milked" during the foreclosure process.
49 were intended only for underwriters with a due diligence defense, such letters often were provided to other parties.
president and chief executive officer of Alleghany, commented: "Since its present management took over in 1987, Underwriters Reinsurance has established an impressive record of growth and profitability.
Morgan Keegan & Company continues to be a leading underwriter of municipal bond issues in Arkansas, and the top underwriter in the South Central United States during the third quarter of 2006, according to Thomson Financial, one of the nation's leading municipal bond information services.
The truth is that underwriters often are frustrated by their inability to get the information they need, and may be less willing to accept opaque information on how stock options have been handled or how compensation is granted to executives.
If your company has been involved in a quality process, it's best if the underwriters, the underwriter's counsel and the issuer's counsel are schooled in the concepts of total quality management.
Our agreement to acquire Underwriters Reinsurance marks an important milestone in Alleghany's ongoing program to redeploy its liquid assets into well-managed operating businesses and we look forward to welcoming Underwriters Reinsurance and its fine management to the Alleghany family of companies.
Also, 80 percent of the underwriters said BlitzDocs helped them streamline the conditions and notifications process, with 96 percent of them implementing dual monitors to aid in the process.
based newsletter that provides a quarterly ranking of mortgage-related security issuers and underwriters as part of its weekly reporting on the mortgage securities market.
It's the introduction of a neural network system to make the same kinds of decisions now being made by mortgage underwriters.