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Synonyms for underwrite



Synonyms for underwrite

guarantee financial support of

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The evolution of online tools is providing personal lines underwriters not only greater efficiency, but also speedier, easier access to sources of data to better assess risks.
Mortgage underwriters are necessary to ensure the accuracy of the information in a loan application and objectively determine a borrower's classification for a particular loan program," says Brad German, director of public relations for Freddie Mac, a stockholder-owned corporation that buys mortgages from lenders.
Insurance underwriters seeking to gain a better understanding of potential liability exposures of directors and officers are focusing attention on corporate governance matters.
If you talk with some underwriters, they point out that this goal can lead to some policyholders understating their values to keep costs down.
Investing in training for underwriters has many returns.
Once these elements have been considered, the underwriters are ready to develop an exit strategy and bid recommendations to the client.
An increased volume of public offerings means clients may ask CPAs to provide letters to underwriters (often referred to as comfort letters).
Nationally, Morgan Keegan was one of the largest lead underwriters this quarter, ranking eleventh in the country.
Most commercial underwriters can probably recall a time when a broker or company official asked for special consideration when requesting coverage, claiming a client or corporation was "different" or even "better" than other companies and therefore, less of an insurance risk.
In our case, we needed to consider Sears' and Allstate's senior management, business-unit management, the auditors, the underwriters and various groups of attorneys.
ATLANTA -- Underwriters that use the BlitzDocs([R]) solution from Advectis([R]), Inc.
It's the introduction of a neural network system to make the same kinds of decisions now being made by mortgage underwriters.
The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology (ABI) has announced that a total of 38 organizations, including corporate sponsors and academic underwriters, will provide financial backing for the 6th Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference to be held October 4-7, 2006, in San Diego, California.
GUARD gives underwriters information about all of Zurich's exposures in various lines of business in a particular geographic area.