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In Section 4 we show that there are uncountably many graph parameters with Hankel matrices of fixed finite rank.
This clearly opens the door to uncountably many alternatives.
Given the fact that the interval between 1 and the square root of 2 is less than 1/2, it might seem unfathomable that the numbers in this interval contain an uncountably infinite set of irrationals.
This second, larger infinite number is so much larger than our first countably infinite infinity of whole numbers, [yen], that it is an uncountably infinite number
infinity]] may be dense in K, uncountable, or uncountably dense in K.
However, Woodin suspected a compromise is possible: There might be axioms that answer all questions up to the level of the hierarchy that the continuum hypothesis concerns--the realm of the smallest uncountably infinite sets.
In fact, countless scenarios for lines of descent have been proposed and uncountably many are conceivable.
Heart and lungs with their endless in and out; inevitable fall, past the cold dark, year after year to inevitable spring; cells-repeated uncountably so the child grows up, grows other, into not-just-a-child; the way the body itself, so my friend Pat DeFlaun in nursing school tells me, is so wedded to the good repeat that any departure--one heartbeat skipped, one cell going haywire--is suspect and possibly pathological.
However, on the domain that we considered, which realistically allows for continuous variation (for example, in how much funds may be spent on courts or in how much of a good people may have), there are what is formally referred to as an uncountably infinite number of comparisons to make.