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This clearly opens the door to uncountably many alternatives.
It's a function of the fact that there are uncountably many well-formed ways to say the same basic thing, from e.
Heart and lungs with their endless in and out; inevitable fall, past the cold dark, year after year to inevitable spring; cells-repeated uncountably so the child grows up, grows other, into not-just-a-child; the way the body itself, so my friend Pat DeFlaun in nursing school tells me, is so wedded to the good repeat that any departure--one heartbeat skipped, one cell going haywire--is suspect and possibly pathological.
However, on the domain that we considered, which realistically allows for continuous variation (for example, in how much funds may be spent on courts or in how much of a good people may have), there are what is formally referred to as an uncountably infinite number of comparisons to make.
1990]), where it is shown that the STD either has a single connected component or has uncountably many connected components.
This requires us to posit only a finite set of numbers (in the form of derivatives), rather than the uncountably infinite set of numbers embodied by the functions [F.
Like the longest chain of beacon fires, the generations are uncountably many.
This transformation, however, requires uncountably many states (the transformed system pt has one initial state for every fair computation in F) and does not yield a proof principle for which well-founded induction over N is adequate.
19) In the long run, after many--perhaps uncountably many--choices, the agent will have identified and endorsed one of the admissible orderings.
For there are uncountably many thoughts and only countably many sentences.
39) includes among the supplicants, besides Brahma, the gods Indra, the Lokapalas, Isvara, Mahesvara, and uncountably large groups of Maruts (brahma ca mam yacati tasmi[n] kale sakras ca catvari ca lokapalah / mahesvaro isvara eva capi marudgananam ca sahasrakotyah).
Because our set of temporal types is uncountably infinite, it does not yield effective procedures for these operations.
Partridge's lab generously provided us with toad food on a daily basis, in the form of uncountably many spare Drosophila.
Since our proof uses Baire category, it cannot be generalized directly to domains with uncountably many boundary components.
In this system probability can have an infinite number of values because the set of real numbers in the interval from "0" to "1" is uncountably infinite.