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In section IV, the author will show, by applying the cantor's diagonal argument, that Russel's paradox of barber produces and uncountable set.
The author will present the barber paradox in a new way such that this presentation with the application of cantor's diagonal argument will give us an interesting uncountable set.
The author will see here that an uncountable set can be produced by applying cantor's diagonal argument on Russel's barber paradox.
r] : r [member of] H), is uncountably generated and that every element in A has an uncountable set of zeros.
This raises the question of whether any of these perspectives could be extended to explain individual thinking about the uncountable set P(N).
In consideration of the issues just mentioned and the perspectives that guided our analysis, we pose the following research question: Did our subjects appear to build mental structures for the uncountable set P(N) that give meaning to the phrase "all subsets of N"?
Our research question considered the issue, unaddressed in the literature, of whether individual understanding of the uncountable set P(N) can be described using a constructivist perspective.
Removing the number one and these left end points leaves an uncountable set since only a countable number of open intervals are removed from [0,1] to form the Cantor set.
2) This sensitivity can allow humans to be affected by non-computable aspects of their environment such as randomness (which we referred to above) or the possibility that a bounded interval of time can consist of an uncountable set of temporal points.