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a road leading up to a private house

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He said: "I am calling for an urgent investigation into how this road has been relayed, when there are hundreds of these unadopted roads across the county.
The key thing that all unadopted roads have in common is the fact that they are not maintained out of the public purse.
He told the inquest that evidence at the scene suggests that Mr Limbert had not entered the unadopted road at speed because the collision itself had not been high speed and that the poor road surface would have made it difficult for the motorcycle to slow down had it been doing so.
But she said she was told it could not act because the fly-tipping was on an unadopted road.
There are around nine miles of unadopted roads in Newcastle, where those living have to foot the bill for maintenance.
But no old unadopted road has been sorted out in their time in power.
WHEN an unadopted road needed resurfacing residents were told it was up to them to resolve it.
Warwickshire County Council had denied responsibility for the upkeep of the lane which is an unadopted road.
The narrow unadopted road leads to Grosvenor Chemicals, site of a massive fire last year.
I have made improvements to an unadopted road and footpath that was full of potholes.
We are over the moon, we didn't want high density housing on an unadopted road," he said.
For the council to put a public tip at the end of an unadopted road is very odd.
RESIDENTS of an unadopted road in Nuneaton - who feel that council regulations has left them with a "disgusting" road - have applied for a grant of nearly pounds 18,000 to bring it up to scratch.
And despite some spending an astonishing 20 years battling to get the pothole-riddled street repaired, they are still waiting for work to start on the unadopted road.
Residents currently store and have their bins collected from the road running down the back of their homes - which is in much better condition than their front unadopted road.