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Synonyms for oomph

Synonyms for oomph

attractiveness to the opposite sex

the activeness of an energetic personality

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She tried to help but just didn't have the umph,'' said CHP Officer Chuck McGuire.
Rotunda star Smith then administered a one sided beating to C Speed from Tri umph at 63kg before clubmate John Spencer rounded off the proceedings against G Tomlin-son from Lions ABC.
Sho Ya Right, another up-tempo number, is a lover's groove to 'caramel hotties' but it lacks the same umph.
The six-year-old is chasing an overdue victory, having been absent from the winner's circle since his memorable Cambridgeshire tri- umph two years ago.
In safe hands - Much Ado About Nothing is a tri-; umph for Greg Doran
Shown by Mike Dickens, Park Hill Farm, Bletchley Road, Little Horwood, Milton Keynes, this July 2005 born calf is sired by Hillside George, a Marden Umph son, and was bred by Messrs Stodart, Wigton, Cumbria.
Kamikaze riffs, trumpets, funked up rock n roll with a touch of dumb umph.
0 is easy to use and although it is not as powerful in some areas of web page design as FrontPage it still has far more umph than the average home or business user is ever likely to need with the missing or weak elements the sort of things tha t out and out web site design and maintenance specialists - with an expert knowledge of HTML - might want to use, such as support for Dynamic HTML.
And whilst there was never any real fear of this for the Newcastle gig ( the Max-mo sound was born and bred here for goodness sake ( it was undeniable that the Arctic Monkeys stole some of the umph out of the evening's natural build up.
Soprano Katherine Broderick has an intensely powerful voice, as she amply demonstrated in four songs from Strauss's Op10, in particular Zueignung -a tri- umph.
Clearly realising this tale needed a bit of umph, a ludicrous plot to assassinate Queen Victoria was thrown in with a pair of foreign anarchist types determined to overthrow the monarchy.
It won't thrill the boy -or girl -racers, with a 0-62mphin just under 12 seconds, but it is energetic enough for most: those needing extra diesel umph can go for the 2.
As Tyne-Tees derbies go, this had about as much umph as a moped.