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Synonyms for oomph

Synonyms for oomph

attractiveness to the opposite sex

the activeness of an energetic personality

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It's a weightier white wine, with apple and pear flavors and just the right amount of oak to give it an added umph.
Josh Hughes obliged for Laird, who forfeited two points after Vauxhall Motors replied via Mike McGraa while Capenhurst Villa maintained winning form when Kyle Smith and Ian Forster found the net in a fine 2-0 tri umph at West Kirby.
Josh Furno's introduction around the half-hour added further umph to a fired-up Newcastle pack, but it was Edinburgh who led 11-10 at the interval thanks to a long-range penalty from Tonks.
In fact, Saab's BioPower flex-fuel technology boasts that the Swedish hybrids actually can provide more umph than their full-blown petrol counterparts.
Secondly, I'd have preferred a bit more umph beneath the bonnet and a sportier drive.
She tried to help but just didn't have the umph,'' said CHP Officer Chuck McGuire.
Murray's first Grand Slam tri umph came here, when he defeated Djokovic two years ago, but a repeat appears unlikely as he works his way back to fitness.
Two long-range penalties from full-back Chris Pennell and a further pair from stand-off Ryan Lamb kept Worcester in the contest, the Falcons reserving much of their limited adventure for the second half when George McGuigan and James Fitzpatrick at least added an element of umph to their ball-carrying.
James Fitzpatrick's late burst of attacking umph raised the volume from silent to a murmur, but aside from a power-packed scrum and the occasional big hit there was little to get excited about.
Sho Ya Right, another up-tempo number, is a lover's groove to 'caramel hotties' but it lacks the same umph.
Rotunda star Smith then administered a one sided beating to C Speed from Tri umph at 63kg before clubmate John Spencer rounded off the proceedings against G Tomlin-son from Lions ABC.
In safe hands - Much Ado About Nothing is a tri-; umph for Greg Doran
The six-year-old is chasing an overdue victory, having been absent from the winner's circle since his memorable Cambridgeshire tri- umph two years ago.
Kamikaze riffs, trumpets, funked up rock n roll with a touch of dumb umph.