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the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan

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A new project for UMMA is establishing a scholarship program.
Sheikh Naim Kassem, the deputy secretary-general of the Lebanese militant group Hizbullah highlighted the importance of unifying efforts to face the challenges that are threatening the Umma.
In 1982, UMMA became an affiliate of the National Black Media Coalition.
Umma was among a group of opposition parties that had given the Sudanese government until April 6 to implement reforms in return for a pledge to take part in elections that would then be pushed back to May.
Umma head Sadeq al-Mahdi, Sudan s last democratically elected leader, listed eight demands including a four-week delay to be agreed to before April 6, or his party would boycott all parts of the presidential, legislative and gubernatorial votes.
Umma, who is in her early 40s, said she arrived here from a small village in Hyderabad and left her two young children behind.
He has been nominated presidential candidate," an Umma party official told AFP .
The new UMMA will be a vibrant meeting place for the arts, challenging the ways so many people perceive the traditional museum experience," said UMMA Director James Steward.
Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's deputy leader focussed on what they called the "Iranian-Crusade alliance" saying the Muslim Umma [nation] was being targetted.
THE UMMA AND THE DAWLA THE NATION SATE AND THE ARAB MIDDLE EAST by Tamim Al Barghouti published by Pluto Press ISBN 9780745327709 price 17.
From this brief period we have detailed information on all kinds of mundane topics, in particular from the old provincial centers Girsu and Umma, from royal administrative centers such as Drehem, and from such newly discovered "rural estates" as Garshana.
Shaikh Sabah's government has recently moved against the Umma Party, a newly formed political group which is mainly tribal.
To believe, for example, that "there has never been a Muslim umma, or community," as Professor Fawaz Gerges contends, or that "there is a better case for Islamo-Christian civilization" as Professor Bulliet concludes, is to misunderstand the dimensions and dynamics at work in the Arab Islamic world.
This group (n = 16) represented individuals with significant cobalamin deficiency with mean (SD) UMMA of 7.
My point in drawing up this list is to suggest that for the umma -- an ancient Arabic term that has come to denote the totality of Muslims in the world at any given time -- the House of Islam must surely seem a civilization under siege.