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Howard said: "We got a call this morning asking if we could take the coastguard half–way up the north side of Ulva to start searching.
Fouling-release performance of the coatings toward sporelings (young plants) of the green macroalga, Ulva was evaluated.
In that study the green alga Ulva was the fourth in importance, in contrast to the present study in which Ulva linza was the most important.
In 2004, the sea lettuce Ulva lactuca was the most abundant species, occurring in 59% of the samples collected (Figure 2a).
1999, Determination of the nutritional value of proteins obtained from Ulva armoricana, J.
The adsorption of the metal decreases with increase in particle size of Ulva fasciata sp.
In the late version of the homologous theory, first Dictyota, then Ulva, replaced Coleochaete as the model for the algal ancestor of land plants.
Terence Baines, a former director of Mr Foster's company Ulva, said: "It's anyone's guess, but it seems that the people he owed money to are big companies and I can't see them behind something like this.
These include Tasmanian wakame, a dark green powder; Patagonian Porphyra, a dark red powder and Nova Scotian Ulva lactuca, a bright green powder.
The ethanolic extracts of a number of Turkish freshwater macrophytes (Potamogeton perfoliatus, Ranunculus tricophyllus and Cladophora glomerata) and marine macroalgae (Dictyota dichotoma, Halopteris scoparia, Posidonia oceanica, Scinaia furcellata, Sargassum natans and Ulva lactuca) were assayed for their in vitro antiprotozoal activity.
So far we don't have any settlement of ulva spores.
5) Ulva (5 miles by 2-1/3 miles) is an island off the mouth of Loch na Keal.
Mrs Cameron, 46, who was co-driving for her husband, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, between Torloisk and Lagan Ulva, just after midnight.
On a normal or combination complexion, Ulva Lactuca Algae would be used to protect and moisturise your skin.