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a synthetic suede cloth

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Produced with cutting edge Japanese technology, the smooth and luxurious feel of the uniformly textured Ultrasuede, along with its excellent adaptability to applications that upgrade the interior, was a significant factor leading to the fabric's adoption for the Lexus models.
I remember his ultrasuede jackets; he seemed to have dozens of them, in various shades of brown and tan as well as grey, blue, and maroon.
Instead of purchasing a gift card, make a small envelope from felt or ultrasuede fastened with a connected elastic band, button or snap, and it can then be reused as a business card pouch.
According to auction house, Presley's red ultrasuede shirt sold out at a whopping 34,000 dollars, and a monogrammed cream-colored shirt was auctioned at 62,000 dollars, reports the Telegraph.
The architects worked with Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau to design the seating both in the auditorium and in the public waiting areas, resulting in elegant, thin profiled seats upholstered in Ultrasuede.
From the soft-soled adorably designed Isabooties ($26) made with synthetic Ultrasuede, to flexible pleather uppers for first-time walkers ($32) to slip-on hemp shoes in a rainbow of earth tones with recycled tire soles ($20), the shoes seem ideal for toddlers just learning to balance who need a good deal of flexibility and "feelability" in their shoes.
com has, including the popular baby shoes called Isabooties, which are made with soft, synthetic Ultrasuede.
Granite pillow of reclaimed Ultrasuede filled with down and feathers by Galya Rosenfeld ($188) and Millennium towels of sustainably harvested beechwood cellulose by Bonjour ($132 for a four-piece set) from Branch (see above).
The rifles are displayed under glass in a light-colored ultrasuede compartment, with a raised oval in the middle presenting the winning poker hand, two pair (queens over sevens), a few high dollar chips, and a pocket flask.
Chairs and banquettes will be upholstered in soft, chic, white Ultrasuede cloth, and glass tabletops will be set with inlaid mother-of-pearl silverware, clear textured glass plates and glassware with frosted glass bases.
A new 'touchable' laptop, designed to appeal to the consumers' sense of style, has been unveiled by technology company Intel Corporation and Toray Ultrasuede (America) Inc, a fashion company.
Ultrasuede by Toray Unicor Federal Prison Industries United Receptacle Universal Textiles University Loft Co.
A near-calamity was averted one year when a valuable piece of costume jewelry--a Georg Jensen grape cluster pin--was found stuck in the pocket of an Ultrasuede bolero-type jacket about to be sold.
This year's wearable fabrics, such as washable ultrasuede, come in a rainbow of wonderful colors, and there are various styles that work at the office, at home and on social excursions.
There was a twenty-five-foot-long, fifteen-foot-wide piece of fabric slung across the stage with Ultrasuede "animal" skins hanging at the top.