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a high speed centrifuge used to determine the relative molecular masses of large molecules in high polymers and proteins

subject to the action of an ultracentrifuge

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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A knowledge-based Iranian company succeeded in the production of ultracentrifuge machines with the capability of working 60,000rpm.
s) inspection (in operating condition and disassembled condition), Maintenance and repair of various laboratory and ultracentrifuges with and without cooling.
From the harvest vessel to the ultracentrifuge, the bio-safety and the sterility of the product is ensured by a closed system.
6) In comparison to commercially available Ad-vectors the presented cleaning and concentration procedure is very cheep and can be performed in laboratories by scientists that do not have access to ultracentrifuges.
The chemical scroll pump was operated without the gas ballast purge prior to the introduction of a liquid slug in the system to simulate normal ultracentrifuge system operation.
The objective is to have the successful offeror supply, deliver and install the two new ultracentrifuges as well as provide user training and on-going support and maintenance.
Optima X Series preparative ultracentrifuges from Beckman Coulter incorporate an array of contemporary technical features to enhance the user experience, increase productivity and reduce costs.
The distinguishing element of ultracentrifuges from other centrifuges is the revolutions per minute (rpm) generated by the rotor.
A complete range of rotors, tubes, bottles and accessories maximizes versatility in the Sorvall Discovery SE floor model ultracentrifuges and micro-ultracentrifuges.
Other low-volume, high-speed [beta]-quantification methods using tabletop ultracentrifuges have been described; however, large numbers of specimens cannot be processed in these systems (7).
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Laboratory Centrifuges in Units and US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Bench-Top Centrifuges, Floor Centrifuges, Microcentrifuges, Specialty Centrifuges (Cell-Washing, Hematocrit, & Cytological), and Ultracentrifuges.
SCMB houses a number of preparative centrifuges and ultracentrifuges, which are available to researchers not just within SCMB, but across UQ.
Redesigned centerpieces used in the XL-A and XL-I analytical ultracentrifuges allow the systems to provide precise, repeatable measurement of sample aggregation in pharmaceutical research and formulation labs.
Analytical ultracentrifuges are stand-alone systems that dwarf the bench-top centrifuges in terms of size and power.
Centrifuge models range from bench-top microcentrifuges to floor-standing ultracentrifuges, allowing Thermo Fisher Scientific to support all laboratory applications, from routine sample preparation to cutting-edge cell and molecular biology research techniques.