Ulrich Zwingli

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Swiss theologian whose sermons began the Reformation in Switzerland (1484-1531)

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Others such as Ulrich Zwingli or John Calvin are the ones who came up with that nomenclature.
His struggle with the Habsburgs led to into an alliance with Ulrich Zwingli and produced two works that mark Gaismair as one of the most gifted political and military thinkers of the sixteenth century.
Not so: even earlier they were speaking German, in Zurich under Ulrich Zwingli, not to mention Strassburg (as Strasbourg was then) under Martin Bucer.
Both men retained a belief in Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist, however, and this belief set them apart from the radical reformers, such as the Swiss theologian Ulrich Zwingli, who taught that the Eucharist is a memorial rather than a grace-communicating sacrament administered by the Roman, or any other, Church.
First, the decision by leading reformers in south Germany to seek a politically necessary theological compromise with Lutheran colleagues left many adherents of the spiritual interpretation of the eucharist (first promulgated by Ulrich Zwingli in Zurich) feeling betrayed, and receptive to a Schwenkfeldian alternative.