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(Norse mythology) one of the Aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis


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2010) reported in the case of the cape gooseberry, that the LAR, but not the ULR, is highly related to the RGR.
Each ULR contract gives the buyer the right to use the asset
27) So the ULR group understood socialist humanism not as a rebirth of communism and communist principle, but in a more nebulous and expansive sense that brought them into contact with far wider currents--some of the currents that Carl discussed, in terms of anarchistic, new social movement-type tendencies.
In CKD serum creatinine greater than 2 times ULR (for females 97 umol/l and for males 115 umol/l)11.
Several months before the first issue of the New Reasoner, the ULR had appeared, edited by four recent Oxford graduates, Stuart Hall, Gabriel Pearson, Ralph (later Raphael) Samuel and Charles Taylor.
The oral material is interwoven with analysis in chapters on identity and consciousness, the dynamics of workplace activism, collective mobilization, the contested role of the ULR, migrant worker activists, and ideological dimensions.
The first was a ULR (Ultra Long Range) single-shot from The Gun Room LLC, a small Montana company run by Pete Noreen and his son Phil.
The physiological responses of AMF inoculated tomato seedlings measured in terms of RGR and ULR averaged over the harvesting periods were significantly higher than the non-inoculated seedlings (Table III).
First-round draw: London Irish v Leicester, HFW Wailers v Exeter, Wasps v Newcastle, Saracens v England's Help for Heroes, British Army v Scotland's Thistle Trust, Kenya v Leeds, Wales Amser Justin Time v Harlequins, White Hart Marauders v ULR Samurai International.
11/12/2004 Attorney General Spitzer files a second civil suit in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, bringing charges of fraud against ULR.
Instead, York's manager of worldwide benefits shared both Prudential and Cigna's bids with ULR, "with the intention that ULR would pursue negotiations with Prudential based on that information.
The final regulations clarify that the ULR applies when a member transfers a share of subsidiary stock and, after taking the effects of all applicable rules into account (including those that would not apply until after the transfer), the transferred share is a loss share.
Peter Winslow, chief executive of the BGL Group, said: "The major drivers behind our success this year were again Junction, our affinity business, Bennetts Bike Insurance, the group's newest in-house brand, ibuyeco, and our claims management arm, ACM ULR.
Although not everyone may know Vince's name, they all recognise him as a ULR.
Participants were asked to reflect on their route into the ULR role and its prioritisation, on their engagement with branch structures and local management and on their identification with branch activism beyond learning.