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Synonyms for Ulmaceae

a dicot family of the order Urticales including: genera Ulmus, Celtis, Planera, Trema

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Rich Rasca barriga Ulmaceae Trema micranthum L Almez de flores pequenas Verbenaceae Lantana camara L Filigrana Cuadro 2.
Composiçáo taxonômica Z o n a II I P1 P2 P1 P2 MAGNOLIOPHYTA AP Alchornea + Annonaceae + + Apocynaceae + + + + Aquifoliaceae (Ilex) + + Arecaceae + + + Bignoniaceae + + Boraginaceae + + Calliandra + Caprifoliaceae (Sambucus) + + Celtis + + Clethraceae + Chloranthaceae + Cunoniaceae + Euphorbiaceae + + + + Dalechampia + Fabaceae + + + Flacourticaceae + + Lauraceae + + + Loranthaceae + + Magnoliaceae + Malvaceae + Meliaceae + + + Mimosaceae + + Moraceae-Urticaceae + + Myrsinaceae (Rapanea) + + + Myrtaceae + + + Sapindaceae + + + Sapotaceae + Solanaceae + + Tiliaceae + + Trema + Ulmaceae + NAP Apiaceae + + Astemceae + + + + Brassicaceae + Cereales (cf.
Considering the variation in dominating host taxa among butterfly families, it is somewhat remarkable that the most basal branches in each family feed on plants in Rosid 1B, such as Fabaceae, Urticaceae, Ulmaceae, or Rosaceae.
In an anatomical study of the Ulmaceae, Schweitzer (1971), found cystoliths composed of both calcium carbonate and silica and that trichomes were often silicified.
This forest type was represented by Hopea hainanensis and Hopea exalata of the Dipterocarpaceae, Heritiera parvifolia of the Sterculiaceae, Amesiodendron chinense of the Sapindaceae, Homalium hainanense of the Salicaceae, Alphonsea monogyana of the Annonaceae, and Gironniera subaequalis of the Ulmaceae.
B, L, S [Beach Ground-Cherry] Ulmaceae Ulmus americana L.
Some species have been recorded on host plants in the following families: Anacardiaceae, Apocynaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Cecropiaceae, Fabaceae, Fagaceae, Leguminosae, Malvaceae, Myrtaceae, Rhamnaceae and Ulmaceae (Kogan, 1963; see also D'Araujo and Silva et al.
Poaceae Native Andropogon virginicus Poaceae Native Elymus virginicus Poaceae Introduced Sorghum halepense Ulmaceae Native Ulmus rubra and U.
ULMACEAE Trema micrantha - - - - - - VERBENACEAE Phylla nodiflora - M M M M M VITACEAE Vitaceae sp.
ULMACEAE Celtis loxense Palo huaco, Bark, Stems and Oral C.
Os principais tipos polinicos encontrados no polen apicola e no pao de abelhas pertenciam as familias Leguminosae, Euphorbiaceae, Asteraceae, Poaceae, Myrtaceae, Arecaceae, Convolvulaceae, Ulmaceae e Acanthaceae (Tabela 1).
fruto Ulmaceae Celtis schippii fruto Urticaceae Urera baccifera flor Violaceae Hybanthus prunifolius Flor fruto Fin Familia Especie lluvias Acanthaceae Mendoncia odorata Amaranthaceae Chamissoa altissima Annonaceae Oxandra mediocris Araceae Monstera sp.
En una busqueda muy preliminar se han colectado especies de las familias Ramnaceae, Leguminosae, Euphorbiaceae, Sapotaceae, Sapindaceae, Ulmaceae, Burceraceae y Celastraceae.