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a native or inhabitant of the Ukraine

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The Ukranian Club celebrated half a century at its base in Edgerton with a concert and party for the town's 200-strong Ukranian community.
Al Ketbi relies on Irish-bred Malekov, who has posted some creditable performances behind Antinori and Ukranian in the past.
TO) (Fairfax), is to take over the Ukranian insurance operations of Australia-based QBE Insurance Group (QBE.
The Ukranian model revealed that her attackers ran away when a female neighbor suddenly showed up.
She claims the Ukranian army has bombarded Lugansk (a twin city of Cardiff ), at last I find she is correct on this but I think Margaret Roberts needs to wake up to the fact that Ukraine is being invaded by Russia, has lost the Crimea and has lost effective control over its eastern provinces.
But then the Ukranian government launched new offensives against the rebels and took their main base, the city of Slovyansk.
Sediuk, sacked by Ukranian TV chiefs after crawling under actress America Ferrera's dress during the Cannes Film Festival, has also pranked Bradley Cooper, Adele and Will Smith.
Sediuk was sacked by his Ukranian TV network last month after crawling under America Ferrera's dress at the Cannes Film Festival.
The ultimatum allegedly came from Alexander Vitko, commander of Russia's Black Sea fleet which is blockading two Ukranian warships in the Crimean harbour.
Describing Lenin, which is a hate figure for Ukrainian nationalists, as a tyrant who oppresses his own nation, "We have toppled the god of the Communist," another Ukranian Vasil Bart said.
The vessel also has 25 security guards, of which six are British, fourteen Estonian, one Ukranian and four Indians.
We meet a few of them tonight, including Ukranian pop singer and former Mrs World Kamaliya who'll be spending three months in the UK trying to become the next Lady Gaga, bankrolled by her husband Zahoor.
Israeli-born mezzo-soprano Rinat Shaham, one of the world's most acclaimed Carmens, performs the title role and Ukranian tenor Dmytro Popov gives a passionate performance as her Don Jose.
Ibrahim Duaij Al-Sabah met Saturday with a visiting delegation of the Ukranian Dnipropetrovsk province, and discussed economic cooperation between the two districts.
Vancouver Island University is working in partnership with the National University of Kyiv and the Institute of Geography of the Ukranian Academy of Sciences to implement this project.