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Synonyms for Uighur

a member of a people who speak Uighur and live in Xinjiang and adjacent areas

the Turkic language spoken by approximately 7,000,000 Uighur in extreme northwestern China

the script (derived from Aramaic) used to write the Uighur language


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Bogda referred to the Communist Party of China's (CPC's) "universal health examination," the name of the Xinjiang Uighur massive blood project, aimed at establishing organ matching database.
More than eighty per cent of Uighurs live in the Tarim Basin that lies south-west of Xinjiang, while the remaining Uighur population in China resides in Taoyuan County located in the south-central Hunan province.
Oiwan Lam, "China: Uighur Blogger Sentenced to 15 years Imprisonment," Global Voices Advocacy, (July 24, 2010), retrieved February 24, 2016 from http://bit.
Of the several types of Uighur Abhidharma texts in existence, Shogaito analyzes the Abhidharmasabhasya, the second longest.
The Erawan Shrine is especially popular with Chinese tourists, feeding the idea that it could be a target for people who believe the Uighurs are oppressed by China's government.
The announcement in the Uighur language starts with "HE[micro]rmetli hanymlar ve efendiler" (Distinguished ladies and gentlemen).
China blames the violence on Islamist terrorist groups but Uighur groups say the unrest is being fuelled by Beijing's repressive policies.
Uighur rights groups say China's restrictions have added to ethnic tensions in the region, where clashes have killed hundreds in recent years.
Uighur Muslims are a Turkish-speaking minority of eight million in the northwestern Xinjiang region.
Closing their 80th congress on Thursday, more than 200 writers from 40 PEN centers around the world condemned China for sentencing Uighur writerscholar and PEN member Ilham Tohti to life imprisonment for alleged separatism.
Names for people from the Uighur and other ethnic groups in China are sometimes transcribed differently in English.
A Chinese court on Tuesday sentenced a prominent scholar from China's mostly-Muslim Uighur minority to life in prison for "separatism," his lawyer said, in a case which critics say could add to tensions in the restive Xinjiang region.
If it is serious about tackling the Uighur problem, China first needs to acknowledge its own role in creating it rather than calling it an act of terror.
BEIJING Mon Mar 10, 2014(Reuters) - China has arrested a Uighur AIDS activist for endangering national security, a health advocacy group said, in the latest sign of the government's crackdown in the troubled far western region of Xinjiang, home to the largely Muslim Uighur people.
invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, nearly two dozen Uighurs traveled to Afghanistan, where a military training camp run by a separatist Uighur group had been established.