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German romantic poet (1787-1862)

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Uhland wrote the Wanderlieder poems between June of 1806 and November of 1811, without initially intending to create a cycle.
74) As Friedwart Uhland has demonstrated, the entire membership of Marpeck's congregation in Augsburg, even though they numbered only a handful, hardly ever gathered all at once.
The texts ate from German language authors such as Goethe, Uhland, and Lenau, and the English writers Shelley and Tennyson.
A densidade do solo foi determinada em cada um dos 40 pontos, a partir de amostras de solo com estrutura indeformada obtidas no final do experimento por meio de um extrator tipo Uhland.
The passage of a threshold level of electric current through the device will cause it to disintegrate, exposing the drugs in the reservoir to the surrounding environment (Maloney, Uhland, & Polito, 2005).
The German ones were in various anthologies, where my preference was for second-raters such as Ludwig Uhland and Felix Dahn, though I also enjoyed some of the more standard anthology pieces by Goethe, Schiller, Heine, and the rest.
The bulk of his work consisted of his translations from the poetry of the Western World, particularly Germany (his German favorites were Uhland and Schiller) and Great Britain.
A vast range of poets provided the impulse for Novak's musical poetry, from the unknown authors of folk texts to the older and in their time "classic" Czech poets (Macha, Neruda, Sladek, Cech, Vrchlicky and others) to the German poets (Lenau, Dehmel, Uhland and others) to the Czech Modern movement (Sova, Machar, Brezina).
More directly comparable in style with the Pre-Raphaelites is The Castle by the Sea (1858) by Caspar Nepomuk Scheuren (1810-1887), an elaborate watercolour illustrating a gloomy poem by the romantic poet Ludwig Uhland.
But as Heine points out, Uhland gave up poetry and became an active member of the Wurttemberg Diet, his alliances thus shifting from Romantic medievalism to present engaged politics.
And that must be enormously encouraging for Dr Uhland Burhart, GM's executive director of sales and service, who emphasises: "Our goal is to be once again the leader in European car design.
Wischmeier WH, Smith DD, Uhland RE (1958) Evaluation of factors in the soil-loss equation.
Additional presenters from VF included: Tom Glaser - Vice President, VF Corporation, President Supply Chain; Bruno Feltracco - Vice President, Managing Director, Outdoor and Action Sports Coalition, Asia; Jacob Uhland - General Manager, Asia Pacific, The North Face([R]); Lu Guo - Asia Pacific Strategy Director; Stewart Whitney - General Manager, Asia Pacific, Timberland([R]); Mitch Whitaker - General Manager, Action Sports Asia; Carmen Cheng - Vice President and Managing Director, Jeanswear Asia Pacific; and Kevin Yeung - General Manager, Asia Pacific, Kipling([R]) and Eastpak([R]).
To mark the occasion, SQN President Joseph Uhland looked toward the future and outlined a roadmap for the company and the industry as a whole.
Whether a check is incomplete or unsigned or clearly indicates fraud, the financial institution needs to know quickly and easily," said Joe Uhland, President of SQN Banking Systems.