Ugandan shilling

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the basic unit of money in Uganda


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The subsidies were later abandoned after high inflation eroded the purchasing power of the Ugandan shilling and left the cost of food exhorbitantly high in 2011.
The Ugandan shilling dropped in value after the central bank said monetary policy could be eased further.
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has issued bonds denominated in or linked to the Botswana pula, Ghanaian cedi, Kenyan shilling, Nigerian naira, South African rand, Tanzanian shilling, Ugandan shilling and Zambian kwacha.
The depreciation of the Ugandan shilling normally wipes out benefits from any falls before they can reach the motorist, although the currency has stabilised somewhat in recent months.
The Ugandan shilling has depreciated at alarming rates, falling 12 per cent towards the end of 2014 and about three per cent in the beginning of this year to become one of the worst-performing currencies on the continent.
As of Friday, one SSP at Nimule border with Uganda dropped to just 480 Ugandan shilling, from 600 the day before.
Currency: Ugandan Shilling, approximately 1,300 to the US dollar
Uganda qualified for IMF Article VIII status, allowing for the full convertibility of the Ugandan shilling in that year.
A kilogram of maize floor in Kampala markets, currently costs between 1300 to 500, Ugandan Shilling, rice between 2300 to 2500 Ugandan Shilling, pumpkin price is between 2000 and 2500 Ugandan Shilling and a kilogram of onions costing between USh2000 and USh3000.
Because of the buoyant trade between the two countries, in some areas along the border, both the Kenyan and the Ugandan shilling are now acceptable in transactions.
Uganda is even more extraordinary, he local Ugandan shilling is actually appreciating fast against hard currencies.
The African Development Bank (AfDB) on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 opened books on its 125 billion Ugandan shilling medium-term note (MTN) programme.
They grow coffee, matooke, maize, beans and ground nuts for both cash and food, earning 80,000 to 100,000 Ugandan shillings ($28-$35 Cdn) each month.
Raised by a widowed mother in a slum beleaguered by grinding poverty, Phiona spent the better part of her early years hawking maize with her siblings with target sales of one thousand Ugandan shillings if her family of five was to feed
The amount included 1,311 US dollars, 340 Great Britain Pounds, five Canadian Dollars, 85 Australian dollars, 46,000 Tanzania shillings, 40 South Africa Rand and 20,000 Ugandan shillings.