Ugandan shilling

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the basic unit of money in Uganda


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Table 1: Average staple food prices in Uganda between 2007 to 2011 Commodity Ugandan Shillings per 100 kilogram bag 2007 2008 2009 Rice 80,000 145,000 165,000 Beans 47,000 141,300 200,000 Maize 30,000 95,000 61,000 Matooke 32,000 39,300 19,500 (Green Bananas) Cassava 25,000 35,300 30,800 Commodity Ugandan Shillings Change per 100 kilogram bag 2010 2011 Rice 207,500 279,200 249% Beans 167,100 250,000 432% Maize 147,500 174,900 483% Matooke 63,900 80,500 152% (Green Bananas) Cassava 38,300 77,300 209% Extracted from [15, 46, 57-58] Table 2: Maize and banana production, exports and imports versus population growth in Uganda from 1980 to 2011 Year Maize in 1000 metric tonnes (a) Production Imports Exports % exported Growth/ Year 1980 286.
Losses in productivity reached 417 billion Ugandan shillings in manual sectors, such as agriculture, and 241 billion Ugandan shillings in non-manual activities, due to lower educational levels.
In Uganda, charging a cellphone can cost 500 Ugandan shillings, or about 0.
600 million Ugandan Shillings ($225,780) from MTN Uganda.
I went to the bank next day, cashed a $1,000 check into Ugandan shillings and gave my then wife the money to give to Elizabeth for Robert.
5 million Ugandan shillings (about $600) a year from his coffee crop.
20 BILLION UGANDAN SHILLINGS FOR AIDS DRUGS NOW - The Ugandan Ministry of Health must reprioritize its AIDS budget to free up money to stop the cap on new treatment slots.
But as Joyce had only 500 Ugandan shillings - about 20 cents - she could not afford it.
Thus, considering overall costs (contraceptive services and medical care associated with all pregnancies and births), current use of contraceptives results in a net savings of $56 million, or 97 billion Ugandan shillings (UGS), annually over what would be spent on care associated with pregnancy and childbearing in the absence of any family planning use.
And when you convert pounds 600 into Ugandan shillings, that tops the two million mark