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a native or inhabitant of Uganda

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The Kenyan pair of Ryan Randiek and Ismael Changawa beat their Ugandan duo Simon Ayella and Boris Aguma 6-1, 6-3 to make it 4-0 for Kenya.
According to Polygon, Ugandan Knuckles users do this for no other reason than to annoy.
Last month, 17 Kenyan fishermen were arrested in Lake Victoria and detained in Ugandan islands by security personnel.
The Ugandan community in the UAE had their first-ever Independence Day celebrations in the country.
The South Sudanese police boss made these remarks while meeting his Ugandan counterpart, General Kale Kayihura, in Kampala, Uganda, on Saturday.
Tumwesigve had initially been contacted by a Ugandan woman who herself had been sold to an Iraqi family as a domestic worker, while initially she had thought she was going to Iraq to work in a supermarket at a US military facility.
Ugandan Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Wilson Muruli Mukasa reviewed the status of his country's housemaids recruited by Saed Group.
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the insurance industry in Uganda: * It provides historical values for the Ugandan insurance industry for the report's 2010-2014 review period, and projected figures for the 2014-2019 forecast period.
KAMPALA, Dhu-AlQa'dah 19, 1436, September 03, 2015, SPA -- A Ugandan military spokesman says 12 Ugandan soldiers were killed in an attack Tuesday by extremists on an African Union base in Somalia,AP reported.
UGANDAN lawmakers have drafted a new anti-gay bill that could be introduced for debate in the country's parliament before Christmas.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said the bill, which goes into effect immediately, was needed because the West is promoting homosexuality in Africa.
4 ( ANI ): Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin on Tuesday said the ministry has written to the Ugandan High Commission regarding a complaint filed by three Ugandan women with the police indicating that they were allegedly brought to India under false pretenses.
SPEAKING out on a proposed Ugandan anti-homosexuality law while on an aid visit could have made the situation "worse, not better", the First Minister has claimed.
KAMPALA (TAP) - Ugandan military officials say at least 1,500 fighters from a rebel group in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo have surrendered, while the group's top commander is in Ugandan custody.
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