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a native or inhabitant of Uganda

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An unidentified man sits in the gun turret while leading a convoy of armoured vehicles from both the South Sudanese government forces and the Ugandan People's Defence Forces (UPDF) in the streets of Jonglei capital Bor on 19 January 2014 (Photo: AP/Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin)
The Ugandan Charge d'Affaires expressed the desire of her country to continue communication with Khartoum and to implement the protocol which was signed during the visit of the Ugandan President to Sudan.
UAE has a large population of Ugandans working in the country and has turn out to be a new trading hub for Ugandan business people.
Al-Shabab claimed it killed 50 Ugandan soldiers at the base in the small farming town of Janale, an account disputed by Ugandan officials.
The new bill is in "advanced stages" and will focus on punishing the promotion of homosexuality, said Ugandan lawmaker Latif Ssebaggala, a strong supporter of anti-gay legislation.
Summary The Ugandan insurance industry recorded a CAGR of 18.
Called "The premier global networking event for the Ugandan Diaspora", the largest such convention in the world is attended by more than 3,000 Ugandan Americans and Friends.
The Ugandan government has not indicated any plans to counter such violence or to investigate potential allegations of abuse.
Akbaruddin further said they have suggested to the Ugandan High Commission to provide counselor services to the three Ugandan nationals as early as possible.
The proposed law, passed by Ugandan parliamentarians and which is with the Ugandan president, in some cases could lead to life imprisonment for gay people falling foul of the law.
Sultani Makenga and his fighters were being held by the Ugandan military in Mgahinga, a forested area near the Congolese border.
Hagel also praised Ugandan forces "for their efforts to defeat Al-Shabb, and "for their efforts against the Lord's Resistance Army and its leader, Joseph Kony.
Travel Business Review-May 28, 2013--Saudi Arabia lifts ban on travel by Ugandan Muslims(C)2013] ENPublishing - http://www.
The long awaited time has come as Saudi Arabia finally lifted travel ban it has earlier put on Ugandan Muslims who were prepared to travel to Mecca and perform Hijja last year.
Sultani Makenga is in the Ugandan capital for "military talks" with regional army chiefs, spokesman Amani Kabasha told.
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