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an extinct Caucasian language spoken exclusively in Turkey

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To call the emigrants simply Circassians is misleading, as in the final years of the war in the region only three groups received the collective right to emigrate: the Ubykh, the Shapsug, and the Abadzekh.
Your September 2007 issue just arrived, and its very interesting articles on lost languages reminded me of a poem that initially appeared in the London Review of Books (August 22, 2002) under the title "The Last Man to Speak Ubykh.
Talking about that momentous landing on Plymouth Rock, Bingham says: "If those Mayflower settlers had chanced to speak Ubykh (a Caucasian language with 81 consonants and three vowels) or Rotokas (a Papua New Guinea language with just six consonants and three vowels), the world would most likely be speaking those fine languages today.
The Bureau of Indications suggests simply translating all the gene names into the Ubykh, an extinct language with only two vowels.