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(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

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A UX designer must be involved in the development process from the start, while conceptualizing using the requirements of the client and assembling a capable multi-disciplinary team.
Chiming in on a Reddit conversation on Friday, Jacob Miller, a self-described UX designer for Microsoft, said that Metro was created for casual users first and foremost, but claimed that the interface ultimately will be a boon to power users as well.
The one common goal of each of these WordPress sites is increasing their audience and traffic," said Noel Saw, senior UX designer and WordPress provocateur.
NEW YORK -- As part of LIPMAN'S transformation into a one-stop agency solution for marketers, LIPMAN is pleased to announce the promotion of Jennifer Pasiakos to Vice President of Digital and welcomes three additional experts to its existing talent roster; Tanya Kolosova as Director of Customer Intelligence and CRM, Adam Deher as Senior UX Designer and Ivan Corsa as Senior Digital Producer.
Soleus-based feature phone reference designs and handsets are on display and delegates have the opportunity to interactively design phone user interfaces using the Soleus UX Designer.
The tools that plug into Visual Studio are the Soleus User Interface (UI) Framework and the Soleus UX Designer plug-in for Visual Studio.
Speakers include science fiction authors Bruce Sterling and Warren Ellis, UX designer Claire Rowland, futurist Scott Smith, product designer Marcel Schouwenaar, designers Tina Aspiala and Sami Niemela, ethnographer Georgina Voss, open data activists Zara Rahman and Julia Kloiber, artist and creative technologist Michael Ang, professors Jon Rogers, Andrea Krajewski and Elisa Giaccardi, VP of Product at Spark.
With its user interface framework and UX Designer tool, Soleus provides operators with full control over the customization and branding of a phone.
0, the flexibility of the Soleus UX Designer plug-in, enabling unique graphic UI (GUI) development, and a smaller hardware and memory footprint.
It was started in 2012 by Mutlu Isik, an accomplished UX designer and prototyper.
Power Marketing Designers Belinda Smith and Amanda Linthicum, along with UX Designer Johanne Courtright and Communications Specialist Larissa Newman, worked together to revamp the design, functionality and copy of Advantage Homes' website.
The graduates of President University's VCD study program can work in animation, games, advertising or as UI and UX designers.