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a type of network technology for local area networks

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The H1180, H1183 and H1197 are placed in parallel (in-line) with the existing UTP Ethernet cabling architecture.
BIG/ip LB ships as a Pentium II 266MHz rackmount system with 64MB RAM (upgradeable to 1GB RAM), two 10/100 UTP Ethernet Interface Cards (upgradeable to Gigabit Ethernet or FDDI), and full SNMP management capabilities.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Power adapter, patch cord - copper, patch cord - copper, utp ethernet cable enhanced cat-5e, cat5-e i/o with surface mount box.
In addition to its Highly Parallel System Architecture, the Compaq ProLiant 5500 includes the latest component technology such as a Dual Channel Integrated Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 controller, 128MB EDO(e), ECC(f), buffered DIMM(g) memory, an I2O connector, and the autosensing Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP Ethernet Controller with full duplex capabilities.
Additionally, Artisoft will introduce several new hardware products, including the NodeRunner Pro(TM) UTP Ethernet adapter, the NodeRunner Pro Combo Ethernet adapter, the Artisoft(R) T-Runner(TM) II Hub-8, and the Artisoft T-Runner II Hub-16.