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the United States intelligence agency that protects current and former presidents and vice presidents and their immediate families and protects distinguished foreign visitors

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This report discusses potential policy questions concerning the Service's mission and organization through an examination of the USSS history and its statutory authorities, mission, and present activities within DHS.
Treasury Department, USSS has evolved into a federal law enforcement agency with statutory authority to conduct criminal investigations and protect specific federal officials, individuals, and sites.
Instead, inauguration security funding is expected to be provided from the USSS general NSSE account.
The report recommended that the USSS address areas identified for improvement and inform the IG's office when changes are implemented.
72) Information provided to CRS by the USSS Office of
and analytical support to USSS criminal investigations.
notification Congress received on USSS campaign protection cost overruns
USSS forensic services personnel conduct analyses of evidence, some
Although the USSS (223) is best known for its responsibility to protect the President and Vice President of the United States and visiting foreign heads of state and government, it was first established in 1865 as a law enforcement agency with a mandate to investigate the counterfeiting of U.
223) For a full discussion of USSS missions, see CRS Report RL34603, The U.
Some of these additional security costs include the USSS protection of major presidential candidates (whether at the convention or at other campaign locations) (21) and the use of other federal government personnel assisting in securing the convention sites, such as Federal Protective Service law enforcement officers.
would provide Vice Presidents and their families USSS protection for six
This report provides information on USSS legislative authority for NSSEs, NSSE designation funding and training, and NSSE funding.
109-295 from USSS unobligated balances to National Security Special Events (NSSE).